JMC01I’ve never been shy about my hatred for GI Joe: The Rise of Cobra. I still think it’s one of the most  pathetic attempts at a film in a long while. Proof that just because you throw money at a film doesn’t mean it’s going to be good. Needless to say, I was rather leery to pay money to watch the sequel . I’m happy to say that it far surpassed my expectations. Is it an award-winning film? No, far from it, in fact. BUT…it’s still a good popcorn flick. I’m glad to see that Jon M. Chu is returning to helm the third film in the series and look forward to see what he and his crew come up with. It was his success in reviving the GI Joe franchise that locked down the job of helming another adaption of a popular 80’s toy line in the Masters of the Universe franchise. Fans were rather pleased to see that he’d be tackling that film as well.

However, a while back it was announced that Chu would be stepping away from the He-Man universe and now we know why. It looks as though he had to choose between that film and a third installment in the GI Joe films. Being that he was more immersed on the latter, he opted to move forward with that film.

It was timing.  We did so much for Masters, and the script is awesome.  I love that project.  I would have loved to do it.  The problem with Joe is that we have a specific timeline and I need to be on that timeline.  Masters wasn’t ready to go, at that moment.  And I have a loyalty to G.I. Joe.  I don’t feel like I’ve fulfilled the promise I gave, to bring everything I love about Joe to the script.  I feel like we did a lot of foundational stuff.  We cleared the way.  We brought the movie back to life, but at the same time, there’s so much more to do, to make it even better.  I learned a lot on the last one, and I want to put that into practice and make this one even better, and make it have life for many, many movies in the future, whether I’m doing them or not.

He goes on to mention that with GI Joe, he’ll have completed a sequel to all of the films he’s directed. Not many directors can say that. Hardcore film fans may balk at those films, which include two Justin Bieber documentaries and a couple of dance flicks, but a job is a job, right? Chu also mentions that they expect to begin filming sometime next year and that they have been hard at work getting the pre-production and designs ready for the film.

We don’t know many details regarding plot or characters at this point, but it was rumored not long ago that Duke, previously played by Channing Tatum, could make a return to the franchise, despite the character meeting his supposed end in GI Joe: Retaliation. We also learned that the film will feature familiar faces as well as some new characters joining the team. Expect to see Dwayne Johnson and Bruce Willis in some fashion, as well as the GI Joe staple Snake Eyes, played by Ray Park. We can expect to see the third GI Joe film in the overly crowded summer of 2015 or 2016, my bet is on the latter, however, mainly due to the high number of huge films being released that year. The Masters of the Universe project has yet to nail down another director, but you can always check back with us here when more on that news comes available.

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Source : Collider