Jon Favreau Talks STAR WARS VII Rumors And How He Would Have Directed If Called Upon


jon favreauBack before J.J. Abrams was chosen as Disney‘s guy for the new Star Wars movie, there were a few other directors who were said to be in serious contention for the highly-coveted job. You may remember the seemingly endless stream of articles where directors expressed their interest at possibly helming the film or either saying it was such a massive idea they’d rather just see it play out as a fan. Beside Abrams, the two other directors that were said to be on the shortlist were Matthew Vaughn and Jon Favreau. While promoting his new film Chef at South by Southwest, Favreau was asked about those Star Wars rumors and whether or not he would have taken the job.

abramsMTV caught up with the director and grilled him about the reports claiming he was going after Episode VII. Fans were happy with the prospect of Favreau possibly directing the next installment in the new trilogy thanks to his incredible work on Iron Man and his visually stunning but not that successful work on Cowboys and Aliens. The fan-favorite director says he didn’t exactly go after the project, but there were some conversations about his availability. While he would have done it, he thinks they ended up choosing the right guy for the job:

I didn’t go after it, but it’s one of those things where, as people would say they weren’t going to do it, and as there were questions coming my way as to my availability…I was, as a fan, very curious about it. I was really scared of the idea that nobody was gonna [do it]. It had to be somebody good. Somebody has to be Santa Claus, you know, somebody has to put on the beard and the hat. So if they had come to me, I don’t know how you say no to that thing. By the same token, it would have been a very scary gig for me. Not just because of the scope and the scale, but because it was a very formative piece of work. I think they got the right guy.
They got J.J., who is a huge Star Wars fan, and takes it incredibly seriously and has a great team around him at Bad Robot. He’s great because he works with the old generation, and he works with the new generation. You see what he did with ‘Star Trek.’ He kept the fans satisfied because he stayed true enough to the spirit of it, but yet he made it something new. That’s a hard thing that I don’t know who else could accomplish it except him. He’s uniquely qualified for it.

There are a slew of spinoff films coming out over the next several years, so maybe Favreau will get a chance to visit a galaxy far, far away sometime soon. While Episode VII would have been a huge undertaking, the director could definitely have a lot of fun with a big sci-fi movie focusing solely on one of the bigger Star Wars characters who have been lined up for their own solo flicks. What do you think about Favreau‘s comments? Would you like to see him take on another one of the Star Wars related films in the future?

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