Jonathan Hickman Talks About Leaving Fantastic Four


Jonathan Hickman is set to depart Fantastic Four and Future Foundation (FF) this October. This will be the end of a three-year run for Hickman who started in 2009 with Fantastic Four #570.

Hickman’s run has seen the introduction of an intra-dimensional council of Reed Richards analogs, The Human Torch dying then coming back, Spider-Man joining the team (which lead to the FF title), new roles for Galactus, Atlantis, the Inhumans, Doctor Doom, and the Celestials.

Hickman reflects on his favorite moments:

Favorite story moments would be the creation of [Wizard clone] Bentley, writing the kids in general, [and] the Council of Reeds stuff was great fun. Probably the thing I’m most proud of was that people were reading and talking about the book again.

We will see the conclusion of the current story line, Forever, which Hickman teases as well:

Generally speaking, all the FF ‘world’ elements I’ve been playing with will get revisited [and reused]. I always had an end point in mind, but along the way I really fell in love with writing Marvel’s First Family and I also had all these dangling bits to clean up, so I agreed-[and] wanted- to stay on. Then all the gears started turning on all the Avengers Vs. X-Men stuff and what comes after and it just became obvious that October would be a good time to hop off.

Hickman also stated that he hopes his work on Fantastic Four and FF are better than what he had done before and hopes to write great stuff after it.

Now personally, I have enjoyed Hickman’s work on both titles. There are some negatives though, it isn’t very new reader friendly with lots of back history, but once you catch on it is a very in-depth story. His work with the Future Foundation is just as good. Now I hate all the character dying stories only to have them come back a few months later, but the Johnny Storm one was kind of good and made more sense than most. Unlike many books, all of his stories are well contained without having to buy a bunch of books to get the full story. I can’t wait to see how he wraps things up.

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