Joe Russo Explains CAPTAIN AMERICA’s New Stealth Suit

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captain america bannerFrom set pictures, trailers, and teasers for Captain America: The Winter Soldier we know that Steve Rogers (Chris Evans) will be wearing a couple of different costumes. It appears that out of all the suits Cap will be sporting in the new film directed by the Russo Brothers, he’ll be wearing a stealth suit that looks identical to one featured in Ed Brubaker‘s series Steve Rogers: Super-Soldier the most. In a recent interview with SFX director Joe Russo explained why they borrowed another element from a different part of Brubaker‘s Captain America work.

la_ca_0102_Captain_AmericaSpeaking with the magazine about the upcoming movie, Joe Russo explained why the decided to use the suit worn by Steve Rogers in the comics after he returned to the present day after being shot and seemingly killed in front of everyone after the events of Civil War. Steve sported the suit for quite a while before he took up the mantle of Captain America again from Bucky. Says the Russo brother on the suit’s purpose in the film:

It was about a real world grounding approach to the character, in the spirit of Ed Brubaker’s book, which is postmodern and deconstructionist and a grounded thriller. We wanted to put Cap in a space where he’s a special forces operative for SHIELD who goes on missions around the world that are clandestine and sometimes require a certain level of anonymity or stealth. We wanted to use his Super Soldier outfit from the comic books as a way to represent, thematically, his place in the world of SHIELD and the difference between working for SHIELD and being Captain America.
That’s something that gets explored on a very concrete level in terms of what outfits are used in the film. We didn’t feel like we were messing with the icon. People can say that they’re fans of the books if they’re only loyal to the ‘60s and ‘70s version of the character – well, then you’re a fan of that version of the character, but if you’ve been reading the books till the current runs then this is a journey that the character goes on and it’s a pretty explicit journey. We just felt like we were being faithful to the more recent issues of the books. The movie has a very thematic component in terms of the use of costumes. When you come to see the film I think you’ll understand why we made the choice we made…

The stealth suit is one that grows on you. After seeing some pictures and the suit actually in motion in the trailers, you have to admit it’s a good look. The helmet leaves Evans‘ ears are uncovered too. That’s something that a lot of fans have been waiting to see for a while. What do you think about Joe Russo‘s comments? Do you like the stealth suit?


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Source : SFX via ComicBook.Com