Joe Quesada On When We Can Expect To See New MIRACLEMAN From Neil Gaiman


marvelmanIf you’re a longtime comic book fan, then you probably know the sordid history of Miracleman/Marvelman and the countless legal battles. Long story extremely short, Marvel and Neil Gaiman have been pushing to get the stories back in print and it was announced at this year’s New York Comic Con that it would finally happen. The original stories written by Alan Moore and the newer ones written by Neil Gaiman are being recollected and published started next year. Though Moore wants Marvel to remove his name and credit him only as “The Original Writer,Gaiman is happy that he’ll finally get to finish his run on the groundbreaking series. The issues have to be reprinted first, then Gaiman and artist Mark Buckingham‘s run will finally be completed. It has bee setting in a drawer for nearly 20 years, but these will be all new Miracleman stories for Gaiman. Marvel COO Joe Quesada recently spoke to CBR about when we can expect to see those hit shelves. He also teased the future of the character.

miraclemanThe first issue of Miracleman will hit in January and then follow every month until the original series is completely reprinted. Then Gaiman and Buckingham‘s new material will kick in. Quesada says that is still a few years out though. We can expect that around 2016:

At the moment, from the looks of the calendar I would project Neil and Bucky’s new material to see the light of day sometime in 2016. I know that it seems like a long way away, but the material is finally going to see the light of day and will remain in print, and I think for that, we can all be grateful. To me, it’s a travesty that there are readers who have not only not been exposed to the original stories, but don’t even had a way to easily access them.

Marvel own Miracleman and have been waiting for this project to come to fruition for a long time. It’s taken all these years to make it happen, but now they can start looking at the future. When asked if Miracleman even had a future after Gaiman finishes his run, Quesada says that’s still yet to be determined. It does sound like there are a few ideas though:

I would be lying to you if I told you that we haven’t had creators coming to us asking if we were looking to explore the character beyond Neil and Bucky’s story, but first, we want to be respectful to where Neil and Bucky go with their tale. Secondly, it’s much too early to make those kinds of decisions. Let’s say for example that we were looking at some time in 2016 as a possible date for the continuation of MM’s stories beyond Neil and Bucky. Who knows what kinds of stories comic fans will be looking for at that time? The whole landscape could be completely different.
But again, that’s not to say that you might not be surprised by something unexpected. If we’ve proven anything over the years here at Marvel, it’s that we can sometimes provide you guys with the most unexpected events. Sometimes all you have to do is read between the lines.

You can read the full interview with Quesada about the history of Marvel and Miracleman by clicking here. As someone who has only read bits and pieces of Miracleman, I have to say I’m excited to see them seeing print again. These were really groundbreaking and innovative comics when they first saw publication, so it will be interesting to get to read it all including Gaiman‘s ending. Marvel didn’t put all that time and effort into Marvelman to only have Gaiman write a few issues to end things. I’m sure one of those creators beating down Quesada‘s door will make sure the character has a bright future. What do you think about the Miracleman news as of late?

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Source : CBR