Joe Mulvey’s SCAM #2 Doesn’t Disappoint


Joe Mulvey, SCAM #2, Comix Tribe, comics, #comicmarket,, @Comic_CanuckBefore I begin my spoiler-free review, let me introduce  Joe Mulvey, the writer and artist behind the SCAM series, which is published by Comix Tribe. SCAM follows a group of super-powered grifters, led by Tru, who are set up to take the fall during a heist by one of their own, Marcus. This five-issue series tells their story, and what they’ll do when someone ticks them off. 

Give yourself a real treat this Halloween and pick up SCAM #2. As I mentioned, I will not reveal any story-wrecking spoilers. The book begins with this band of con artists on a rooftop in Vegas, confronting Marcus, their nemesis, for the first time since he screwed them over two years prior. Mulvey’s close-ups of the main characters really set the tone with some great expressions. The dialogue is engaging and works well with the fast-paced action among the characters. A deal between the two sides is struck to save the life of Hack, who is suffering from a potentially fatal gunshot wound thanks to one of Marcus’s men. 

The story jumps to where the character Doc was left in issue one. Believe me when I tell you, this guy can take an as*-kicking like no one else.  I was pleasantly surprised to learn that Doc is not being held by the person readers assumed, but by one of the coolest villains I’ve seen in comics in quite some time. His name is…ah,ah,ah…no spoilers. 

Mulvey gives us some great character development of Doc and Tru, the leader of the “good” grifters, without slowing the pace of the story. We also learn how Tru is connected to other shady characters, and that his new “boss” Marcus doesn’t scare him one bit.

If you love bar brawls, like I do (in comics that is) then you’re going to love the scene involving Tru’s crew. By the end of the issue, I’m anxious to see what lies ahead for Tru. 

There’s a lot of junk on comic store shelves, but SCAM is a gem. Pick up this series and fall into this superbly cool story that Joe Mulvey has created.

Special thanks goes out to Joe Mulvey and the Comix Tribe team for allowing me to review this issue ahead of its release date. Also, thanks to my friends at We Talk Comics Podcast (@Brett_WeTalk & @Mo_WeTalk) for putting issue one in my hands.

Have you read SCAM yet? If so, tell us what you think in our fancy comments section.

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