Joe Manganiello Still Wants To Do A Superhero Movie And Maybe Punch Henry Cavill In The Face


joe mangJoe Manganiello came very close to being Superman in Zack Snyder‘s Man of Steel. Ultimately the actor’s prior commitments kept him from putting on the cape, but he’s still up for portraying a superhero on film someday. His name has been thrown out for numerous roles over the past few years, most recently Batman, but the actor said he wants to make a completely different type of comic book film.

Manganiello‘s interview with MTV started out with the actor talking about the Superman role he just missed out on and how Henry Cavill totally stole his style and his beard when Clark was on the fishing boat. Manganiello jokes that he may have to go find Cavill and have a serious talk about taking his look. Getting more serious though, the actor said he wants to do a film deconstructing the whole genre.

I want to do something that’s a real deconstruction of the genre. There’s so many superhero projects out there that it’s almost like they’re becoming normal, so I want to do one that just flips it on its head and makes it crazy. I want to make the ‘Fight Club’ of superhero movies.

Watchmen has already been made, so Manganiello missed out on the film adapting the most notable deconstruction of the genre. There are still plenty of heroes left for him. You could have Punisher, a different take on Batman, or even Venom (as MTV points out since the actor was Flash Thompson in Sam Raimi‘s films) just to name a few. If you’re in the U.S., you can watch the fun chat with the actor below. What do you think about Manganiello‘s commnets? Do you want him to take on a superhero film? Which one?