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We are in the midst of Marvel’s  Phase 2 of films and there are still a few more movies to enjoy before we head into the recently announced Avengers: Age of Ultron. Later this fall, we will be treated to Thor: The Dark World and next spring, we get the anticipated sequel to Captain America: The Winter Soldier. The film is being described as a 70’s political-conspiracy thriller, which should provide for a great background for Cap and company. Add to that a touch of Sci-fi, with characters like Falcon and you have yourself a sure-fire hit. Eric Eisenberg over at CinemaBlend got the chance to sit down and talk with The Winter Soldier directing duo Joe and Anthony Russo, where they discuss everything from timelines to costumes. I’ve included a few highlights from their discussion, but be sure to check out the entire interview.

As we know, in the cinematic world of Marvel, the events that occurred in Avengers had a huge effect on the people and heroes involved. We’ve already seen the effects it had on Robert Downey Jr’s Iron Man/Tony Stark in this year’s Iron Man 3, but what effect will it have on Captain America and Black Widow, both of who are featured in The Winter Soldier. Specifically, how will the sequel fit into the timeline?

 Yeah, politically they were feeling the effects of Avengers, but narratively it’s much closer to Avengers 2. And sets up a really big shift in the universe for Avengers 2. So, I think, story wise, about a year has passed.

942427_558441464217340_1936163939_nAs many fans know, Steve Rogers is a man lost in time and is continually needing to adjust his bearings to fit in and find a home so to speak. As can be expected, advances in technology and science is one of the hardest thing to adjust to. The world of S.H.I.E.L.D. is one that is largely based on advanced technology. When asked about how much science would be featured in the film, the Russo’s say it certainly plays a part, but it was trying to find a way for it all to mesh that was difficult. This leads them into discussing their approach to the character of Falcon.

I mean, it is, It’s weird. It’s like the movie is a little bit of a hybrid, we like to think of it. It’s sort of like, part superhero movie, part political thriller, so it’s sort of like you know, it’s like you’re smashing these two things into each other and we sort of, while certainly that doesn’t go away, it’s present there, but maybe it’s a little less present, but it has some really fun, there are a couple things that are really fun in the movie that do come from that sensibility.

Is Falcon part of that, just in the fact that he’s actually flying?

Anthony Russo: He is, but you know, we sort of grounded Falcon and sort of a real world kind of military sort of background and it was sort of our overall approach to the movie is sort of, how do you do a hardcore realistic version of a superhero movie, you know? And it’s never going to be hardcore realism, of course.

With the characters of Captain America and Black Widow, you have two people that are on two different ends of the spectrum. One is a classic hero, always wanting to do what is right. The other is a spy who will always be a spy, no matter what team you place her on. The dynamic between these two is unique and it will be addressed in the film, as well as her devotion to S.H.I.E.L.D.

That’s kind of the big question of the movie for us with her character because she lies for a living. That’s her job. What happens now that she’s a member of a group, where her loyalty is going to lie. Is she part of the Avengers or is she, you know, the spy that stays true to the spy that she’s always been and, you know, stay loyal to subterfuge, you know, which is her trade. So, the movie really puts the spotlight on that and it’s like you said, Cap is a character with very strong morals and she’s a character with very flexible morals and that to me, and there’s some really strong plot points build around their points of view in a way which drives the movie.

This past weekend at SDCC, fans got an up close look at the new suit that Cap will be wearing in The Winter Soldier, which ditches the red and focuses on the blue and white. His shield also reflects that. But there was a reason for the change, as the suit is designed to be a more stealth version. Of course, there is that pesky rumor floating around that Cap reverts back to his original The First Avenger costume. Here’s what the directors has to say.

You’ll see when you see the movie what he’s doing and who he’s working for in the beginning of the film, that costume is appropriate for what they’re asking him to do. It is a stealth outfit. It is for secret missions and I think that, you know, it’s thematic. You know, you read online, people get wrankled when you, you know, mess with the stars and the stripes, but there’s a very specific reason we did it in this film. We won’t talk about the other outfits that appear in the movie, which you’ll see in the movie, but again, I’ll just say, that the use of the costume in this film has a very thematic arc to it and hopefully a very arousing arc.

captain-americaSpeaking of the costumes on the convention floor, yesterday I saw there was the 40s costume alongside the costumes for The Howling Commandos [Cap’s team during World War II]. Are they all back?

Joe Russo: That’s… [laughs]

Awwwww, come on! [laughs]

Joe Russo: That’s one of those things where we’d spontaneously combust if we answered, you know, Marvel implants a microchip… [points to heart]

Joe Russo: Yeah, but you know, that is a set piece from the movie. So, you know speculate on it what you will.

There is more great info in this interview, including how Captain America’s fighting style has changed and what we can expect from him in this new film, and I have to say, I can’t wait to see it. Let’s just say his costume plays a role in his newly adapted combat style. Captain America: The Winter Soldier stars Chris Evans, Scarlett Johansson, Anthony Mackie, Samuel L. Jackson, Robert Redford, Cobie Smulders, Emily Van Camp, Sebastian Stan and Frank Grillo.


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Source : CinemaBlend