Jim Starlin’s Mystery Project For DC Is Stormwatch


stormwatchJim Starlin announced that he would be working on a new DC series a few months back. Since that time the legendary writer and artist has been teasing fans on his Facebook page with previews from the series trying to get them to guess what it is for. Today the guessing game is over thanks to DC Editor -in-Chief Bob Harras and Editorial Director Bobie Chase. The duo revealed in an interview that Starlin is working on Stormwatch.

In a new column on CBR, two of the top DC brass touched on all manner of comic book topics. Tucked away in the lengthy chat though was the announcement about Starlin:

Going back to announcements, one of the huge things, and something that Jim Starlin has been teasing a little bit on his own, is the fact that he’s going to be writing “Stormwatch.” How did that move come about?

Harras: Jim has been talking to us for a while now about doing various projects and pitching some ideas. He and Dan had been speaking, and he had been sending some ideas to Bobbie and me. Again, one of the things in the creative process, as you talk and discuss various things and — my term for the day! — the creative churn, some of the things Jim was coming up with, we thought might actually be interesting to put on “Stormwatch” and change the direction of that book. So it came out of, again, an ongoing conversation.

Chase: I was a natural progression coming out of another project, as Bob said. It was such a good fit.

When you say “Jim Starlin,” most people think of his cosmic, sci-fi work. Was this part of why you wanted to pair him with “Stormwatch?”

Harras: Definitely! I mean, exactly! That was one of those moments where Bobbie and I looked at each other and said, “It’s staring us in the face!” [Laughter]

Chase: There were several things that were appealing about bringing Jim on, and [artist] Yvel Guichet on the art, as well. There’s just going to be some great stuff on the project.

So there you have it. Starlin will be working on Stormwatch later this year. With DC making it official, I’d expect Starlin to be talking about it pretty openly now. We’ll be sure to keep our eye on his Facebook page and let you know if he reveals any details. What do you think about a Starlin Stormwatch?

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Source : CBR