Jim Starlin To Write New Series For DC


The legendary Jim Starlin announced early this morning that he would be writing a new on-going series for DC Comics. This would mark Starlin’s return in quite some time to one of the big two comic companies. The writer and artist had stepped away from the big name brand characters to work on his own creator owned projects.

I have just completed scripting the first two issues of an on-going series for DC Comics. Can’t say what the title is until DC wants the news out. But I imagine a lot of people will be quite surprised to see me take over the writing chores on this particular property. Been having a (surprisingly) fun time with it so far.

When people immediately started to guess what he may be writing, Starlin remained silent until someone mentioned Birds of Prey. He replied “Birds of Prey? What are you smoking, Rob?” But then when the guessing continued he revealed a little more information. He revealed that It’s a title I have never before had anything to do with, really from out in left field. Shouldn’t be too long before DC Comics makes the announcement. I believe my issues begin in April. That opens up even more speculation on what he could be writing. I was lucky enough to be able to chat to Mr. Starlin earlier this summer. You can read our chat by clicking here. What do you think the author and artist who helped shape Marvel’s cosmic characters and wrote such classics as The Infinity Gauntlet and Batman: Death In The Family could be working on?

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Source : Jim Starlin