Jim Lee Shows Off The Giant Superman Unchained #1 Poster


snyder  leeWe’ve heard a lot about Jim Lee‘s giant four page double-sided poster that will be in the first issue of his and Scott Snyder‘s highly anticipated Superman Unchained series. To hype the series up even more, DC released a video today where the superstar artist and DC Co-Publisher showed off the poster and touched on how the idea came about. The video shows Lee giving a few new bits of info about the series as a whole, but the truly amazing part is him showing off just how massive the poster really is and how great the artwork looks. You can check out the video, but below that is what the two sides look like if the video didn’t give you a clear enough look. What do you think about the inclusion of such a big poster as part of the story? Will you be picking Superman Unchained up this month?


When thirteen satellites fall from the sky in one day, the logical suspect is Lex Luthor…even though he’s still locked up in prison! But a stranger question remains: If Superman didn’t stop the last satellite from falling, who did? Unlocking this mystery will pit Superman against an all-new villain that will test him in ways he never imagined.



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Source : DC