Jennifer Garner Doesn’t Know What BATMAN VS. SUPERMAN Is Really Called, But She Knows When Ben Affleck Starts Filming


affleckThe Man of Steel sequel is still riding the social media wave that was caused with Jesse Eisenberg as Lex Luthor. Jeremy Irons was also cast as Alfred Pennyworth, but that was overshadowed by the controversial Luthor casting. Eisenberg reactions didn’t quite reach the levels of Batfleck, but it was close. Director Zack Snyder is definitely assembling an interesting cast. Affleck‘s wife and fellow thespian Jennifer Garner recently appeared on a Detroit radio show and gave us an idea of when exactly that unique team will be assembling in the city.

Batman vs. Superman was pushed back ten months, production was supposedly halted, then Deadline reported that there were actually no production delays. It’s been a confusing few weeks regarding when exactly the film will start bringing the heavy hitters like Cavill, Affleck, and Eisenberg to Detroit to actually start shooting. While talking about her new movie with Kevin Costner, Draft Day, the actress was asked about sports and the Detroit scene. She said she had only been to the city once before, but she’s getting ready for an extended stay (via The Man of Steel Fan Page):

I’ll be [in Detroit] this summer. Yep, all summer. My husband is filming there. Batman is shooting…or whatever it’s called. I don’t know what it’s called. Superman with Batman. Whatever it is. But, he is shooting this summer.

So Garner is just as confused about the title as we are. She did give us our first solid piece of information regarding when Ben Affleck will begin work on the movie. If he’s going to be in Detroit this summer, which lines up with the rumor about a big Batmobile chase scene being filmed, then we can expect our first look at Affleck in the suit in the next few months. An image will most likely be released before he has to film in the Batsuit out in the open and the paparazzi can snap a pic, so that starts to give us a rough guess on when we might actually see an official picture. Regardless of when we see Affleck suited up, it’s nice to know something that rises above the title of ‘rumor’ for Batman vs. Superman. What do you think about Garner‘s comments?

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Source : Man of Steel Fan Page