Jeff Robinov Out At Warner Brothers


RobinovDCNormally we don’t cover stuff such as shake ups at studios, but this one crosses over into our little comic book world. Warner Brothers movie President, Jeff Robinov, is currently working on a way out of his contract with the studio. His contract is up in December, but with no new deal offered, and with mounting tensions with WB’s new CEO Kevin Tsujihara, Robinov has decided it best to exit now.

Why are we here at Comic Book Therapy covering this? Because Robinov has been monumental in getting DC superhero movies made at Warner Brothers. He was also responsible for restructuring DC Comics into DC Entertainment. A lot of what DC is today, business wise, is because of him. It was Robinov who took a leap of faith on little known director (at the time) Christopher Nolan, and handed him the keys to one of DC’s most popular characters, Batman. The rest is history. The Dark Knight Trilogy has been one of the more successful franchises for WB recently. With the trust Robinov had in Nolan, he gave him free reign on Superman. Allowing Nolan to choose Zack Snyder as director for Man Of Steel. This was tremendous amount of trust, seeing as Snyder was hit and miss (mostly miss) at the box office. Now with Man Of Steel breaking June box office records it appears that trust has been rewarded.

However, it’s not been all good with Robinov and his relationships around the industry. One of Warner Brother’s chief finance partners has been Legendary Pictures. The company has been big backers for not only Nolan’s Batman, but Synder’s Superman as well. It is interesting to note also that WB’s attempt at  a superhero movie with out Legendary, Green Lantern, failed miserably. Legendary’s founder and CEO, Thomas Tull, has bee rumored to be feuding with Robinov. This feud has forced Tull to possibly looking at taking Legendary’s business elsewhere, which seems to have fans at a little bit of a panic. With all that has been going on with Robinov it remains unclear if when he leaves, that Tull will renew Legendary’s contract with WB, which is set to expire in December as well.

What does this mean for future DC movies? It’s hard to say really. Warner Brothers knows the potential it’s sitting on with the superhero franchises, and with the success of Man Of Steel they would bee foolish not to capitalize on it. But with the exit of Robinov, fans are bound to ask questions. For now we will just have to sit back, wait, and see what happens.

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Source : Deadline