Jeff Lemire Comments On His Upcoming Green Arrow Run


It was announced yesterday that multiple Eisner Award nominee Jeff Lemire would be taking over Green Arrow with Andrea Sorrentino on art. Lemire will be tackling three big books- Green Arrow, Animal Man, and Justice League Dark. Oliver Queen will be going in a new direction this February when the new creative team takes up the reigns in issue 17.

Lemire talked with CBR about what he plans to do with the emerald archer. One thing the author plans to do is make issue 17 a good jumping on point for new readers and giving longtime readers a slightly new mythology to explore:

It really is a departure from what happened in the first 16 issues of the series. It keeps that same continuity — all those things happened and we’re not rebooting by any means, but it’s definitely a drastic change in direction and tone. Obviously, I wouldn’t be doing my job if I wasn’t writing #17 as a new #1 in a lot of ways so new readers can jump on and get right into it, but at the same time, not throwing out what Ann [Nocenti] and J.T. [Krul] had done in the first 16 issues.

I really wanted to explore Oliver’s past and build this new mythology around him and his… I’m going to spoil stuff, so I better be careful. But it’s going to be a really big, sprawling mythology that reaches into the history of Seattle and the history of the Queen family. Through that, we will see a series of new and old villains — some new ones that I’m creating and some old favorites that I want to bring back. Like I did when I got “Animal Man,” I went back and read as much “Green Arrow” stuff as I could, and Mike Grell’s stuff really stood out for me — tonally and just the way he approached the character. There is definitely some stuff from the Mike Grell run that I really want to mine and some of those characters will come back.
It’s the kind of work that if things go well, I could do for a long, long run. I have pretty big plans.

Lemire also says that the supporting cast is getting a slight shake-up. Jax and Naomi are part of the Green Arrow team, but only one will be sticking around during his run. While one person will leave, a new person will take their place being a “right hand man” for Ollie. Be on the lookout for Henry Fyff. The scribe also teased the return of Shado. There may aslo be a new version of the Green Arrow/Green Lantern team-up with Baz, the new GL. There have been talks with Geoff Johns, but Lemire says there is nothing concrete yet.

To read the full interview where Lemire teases more about Arrow, click right here. It seems that Ollie is in great hands with Lemire. Do you like what you’re hearing and seeing so far? Are you going to jump in with issue #17?

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Source : CBR