Jason Momoa Finds It Insulting When You Call Him AQUAMAN


momoaJason Momoa has been linked to several big franchises since bringing Khal Drogo to life in Game of Thrones and picking up Conan‘s sword in the rebooted film. Momoa missed out on playing Drax the Destroyer in Guardians of Galaxy, but all signs are pointing to the actor being close to (or already landing) a DC role over at Warner Bros. Lobo seems to be something of a fan-favorite choice for the big man, but he has also been connected to Aquaman for the upcoming, still as of now untitled Man of Steel sequel we’re calling Batman vs. Superman. Matt Damon has been linked to the role as well, but given director Zack Snyder‘s penchant for big, strong muscle men, Momoa seems like a safer bet if you’re just looking at those two actors. In a recent Q&A during the Motor City Comic Con, Momoa revealed that those bets might not be as safe as we originally thought. In fact he finds it a little insulting when you call him the ‘A‘ word- Aquaman.

ComicBook.Com was on hand for the convention and Momoa‘s panel, but when nobody asked him about the Batman vs. Superman rumors (which he gets asked about everywhere he goes), they took it upon themselves to bring up the subject. When asked if there were any truth to the rumors about the movie, Momoa took on a fake annoyed tone to play the room for a few laughs:

What does everything tell you? No. Stop asking me. It’s so annoying. Sorry, you’re not annoying. [After noticing the press badge on Comic Book’s reporter] Oh you’re the press? Get the f*** out of here. Here, put this in there — you’re a d***, you’re a d***.” [After the crowd finished laughing] You’re not a d***, I’m just playing.
You know what, I think it started when people said ‘What superhero would you play?’ And I’d say Batman and Superman, they’d be awesome together. Then people were like, ‘He’s in Batman vs. Superman!’ I’m like, I really like Lobo. ‘HE’S LOBO!!’ And then some asshole was like ‘He’s Aquaman!’ And I’m like – what did you just call me? Where the f*** do you pull out Aquaman? Seriously.. And then it shows up on the internet. Not that it’s a bad rumor.

So the moral of the story is stop asking Momoa about Batman vs. Superman and stop calling him Aquaman. He doesn’t like it. Signs do point to the actor having some sort of DC role, so it will be a little awkward if he does indeed end up being Aquaman. Then again, maybe Momoa is borrowing a page from writer Geoff Johns book and playing up Aquaman‘s perceived lameness only to surprise folks with how he’ll be portrayed in the movie. Johns reinvented the hero that people thought only ‘talked to fish‘ in his New 52 run, so maybe that’s something Momoa hopes to do in the movie world. Then again, he could be playing someone else and really is ticked people keep calling him Aquaman. What do you think?

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Source : ComicBook.Com