Jason David Frank Working On Developing A Solo Green Ranger Movie


green52With the 20th anniversary of Power Rangers coming up this year, fans have been begging for some type of reunion of the past seasons. Earlier this year that wish became reality when it was announced that Power Rangers Super Megaforce would be doing the 20 year reunion that will feature a bunch of Rangers from previous seasons.

The only down side to this, is it seems like that many of the old Rangers from the first couple of seasons of Mighty Morphin are not on board. David Yost, Billy the Blue Ranger, still has some ill feelings towards show runners and opted not to participate. Yost got some support from fellow cast mate Walter Jones, Zack the Black Ranger, who in a move of solidarity decided to not join the show either. Others such as Karen Ashley, Aisha the second Yellow Ranger, didn’t participate simply because the money wasn’t right for her. Which is understandable, actors have to eat too. Austin St. John, Jason the Red Ranger, has been rumored for the reunion, but not confirmed, and there is no word on whether Amy Jo Johnson, Kimberly the Pink Ranger, will a part of the show either.

That brings us to one final Ranger from the first season, Jason David Frank. Frank, who was Tommy the Green and White Rangers, makes it no secret how he feels about the show and its fans. He devotes a lot of his time traveling from Con to Con interacting with his fans, and talking about his experience on Power Rangers. He has been featured in a lot of the promo images for Super Megaforce, as well as has come out and said he will be a part of the reunion, so rest easy Tommy fans.

Frank however, wants to take it a step further. He recently told Complex that he is working with Saban to try and develop a solo Green Ranger movie. “I’m talking to Saban about making a PG-13 Green Ranger movie. I was an X-Men fan growing up; I loved Wolverine. I feel like the Green Ranger can step outside the box and be like the Wolverine of Power Rangers. That’s why I think he can handle his own movie,” he explained. He also said the only thing holding the movie up is Saban getting behind it at this current time.

The interesting part about Frank working on developing this movie, is that he is looking to make it PG-13. Power Rangers has typically been a pretty light and campy show, and this rating would free them up to do some stuff that is a little more darker, and would be sure to please some of the older fans that grew up with the series. No matter the out come you we’ll keep you up to date with all the rumors surrounding the possible Green Ranger movie right here at Comic Book Therapy.

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Source : Complex