Jason Aaron Talks X-Men: Battle Of The Atom


atomThis year marks the 50th Anniversary of Stan Lee and Jack Kirby‘s mutant team that went on to be one of the most popular and successful franchises of all time, known around the world as The X-Men. To commemorate the big occasion, a big crossover event involving all of the X-books will kick off this fall entitled Battle of the Atom. It was announced with much fanfare at this weekend’s C2E2. Writers Jason Aaron, Brian Wood, and Brian Michael Bendis will be handling the ten-part story. Aaron and Wood recently spoke to CBR about the celebration. There were a lot of teasers and side-stepping questions, but Aaron revealed some of the story details.

Aaron talked about the one event that sets the whole thing in motion. The past, present, and future X-Men will have a disagreement over how to best fix the timeline that has been in constant flux since the original five X-Men came to the present:

Things kind of kick off when the original five teenage X-Men from the past get involved in a battle that goes very poorly. Something happens that raises the question of, “Why are we allowing these kids from the past to hang around in the present? It’s unbelievably dangerous because if something goes wrong with these kids, we have no idea how that’s going to affect the timeline.”

That sets up a divide between the X-Men. There are some who believe that they need to send these kids back right away and others who believe, “We need to fight to let them stay. They’re here for a purpose and they can’t leave until that purpose is finished.”

It sets what Nick calls “a logic and emotion debate” into motion. Sending them back seems to be the logical thing, but we have lots of X-Men who fall on the emotion side as well and want to let them stay. That line will divide people. The casts of each of the individual books won’t all be on the same side. So there’s a lot of division.

If that sounds a lot like Schism, the story that set up everything we’ve seen in recent years since Cyclops and Wolverine came to blows, Aaron says it’s not that similar. In fact, he states that it could possibly repair some of the bonds that were broken during that event. He says it’s “not just a simple thing of Cyclops side versus Wolverine’s side” like we’ve seen numerous times. This divide is new and breaks the X-men up in a lot of different ways.

I think this is a way bigger scope and scale than “Schism.” “Schism” was pretty localized. It mostly took place on Utopia and was about one specific battle. This is a huge sprawling war between all the X-Men and it goes to a lot of different iconic locations around the X-Men world and from X-Men history. It’s very much an anniversary event.
We want there to be something for every X-Men fan in this one event. There are a lot of references to X-Men history, a glimpse into the X-Men’s future, and events that will change the X-Men of the present.

We’ve heard that the future X-Men are going to be a big part of the story and really set things in motion. Aaron revealed that the future group will be led by Kate Pryde (the Kitty Pryde from Days of Future Past). She brings the group to the present to set things right, at least how they see it as right. That’s going to cause some problems as you could guess. You can read the rest of the interview with CBR here and our article yesterday with the character designs for the future X-Men by clicking here. What do you think about the next big X-Men battle? Are you excited to see what Bendis, Aaron, and Wood have cooking?

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Source : CBR