Jason Aaron And Mike Deodato Jr. Are Going To Kill MARVEL’s Watcher


watcher bannerWho watches the…Watcher? Wrong comic, but that’s a fitting question. You may or may not remember two years again in Marvel‘s first Point One issue there was a few pages book ending the teasers that showed some mysterious space-suited figures breaking into Uatu The Watcher‘s home while he slept, catching glimpses of events that were yet to come (mainly Avengers vs. X-Men and Sam Alexander as Nova). The issue ended with the two figures running away as Uatu awoke, commenting that The Watcher would soon be killed by someone or something called “The Unseen.” Well it took a while but it seems that may finally happen come May 2014.

Retailers have been getting a postcard from Marvel featuring a chalk outline of The Watcher with bloody smears where is eyes would be. Bleeding Cool first spotted the card, but Comic Book Resources were able to get a few more details. Marvel is remaining tight lipped about what this is teasing, but they did reveal that Jason Aaron and Mike Deodato Jr. are the creative team on the unnamed event. We know the team and we know when it will be released. Now all we need to know is what it’s about. Do you think The Watcher will really bite the dust? Even if a Watcher dies, will it be Uatu, the most famous Watcher of the countless other Watchers?

watcher 2

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