Jason Aaron Goes Dark With Thanos Rising


Thanos bannerIt was recently announced that Jason Aaron and artist Simone Bianchi will explore the early years of that square-jawed purple guy teased at the end of The Avengers. Longtime comic readers know all about Thanos’ exploits but we don’t really know much about his early years growing up on Titan, one of Saturn’s moons. Jason Aaron talked a little more in-depth about the upcoming series.

Speaking with CBR Aaron explained the Titan we find just as Thanos is being born:

When we begin it’s pretty much a sci-fi paradise. It’s this high tech, underground city on a frozen moon of Saturn where things are led by Thanos’ father, Mentor. They’re a people who don’t have weapons, and they don’t really have the idea of murder.

Then into the midst of this is born Thanos who is different from the get go. He looks different and something happens at the moment of his birth that really is a dark foreshadowing of everything to come. So he’s a kid who’s born different, but he’s not a kid who comes out of the womb a monster. He’s not born a murderer. His descent and what he ultimately becomes is something that happens gradually. We’ll see that too. We’ll see him at various points in his formative years and the slow evolution of him becoming a monster.

thanos risingAaron says that this is one of the darkest stories he has written for Marvel. Thanos is a killer on a cosmic scale, but Aaron does find some aspects to latch onto to make Thanos more than an evil and unsympathetic character:

He’s a character I can’t help but feel for as I’m writing this story. Initially he’s driven by questions of identity. Like a lot of teens he wants to know, “Who am I? And why am I here? What am I meant to do? And why am I different from the other kids?”

Then of course a big driving force of what he becomes is love. And in some sense the story of Thanos is a very strange romance. He develops this love for someone who may or may not be Death personified. So that relationship, the romance angle of the book, is a little bit different than how we’ve seen it portrayed in the past, but it is a big part of the story. I think in some sense if you look at the story of Thanos you could almost say that his greatest crime is that he loved too much.

The writer also stated that the series covers several years of Thanos’ life and is more about his childhood and coming of age. We probably won’t see his first contact with Gamora or his first attack on Earth. We will be seeing his mother, father, and grandfather Kronos, but we won’t be seeing a large role for his brother Starfox. From everything we’ve seen from the series and heard from Aaron, this seems to be an origin story that remains faithful to what Jim Starlin laid out in his years at Marvel. Aaron is a fantastic writer so we should expect something pretty amazing from Thanos Rising. You can read more of Aaron’s chat by clicking here. What do you think? Are you wanting to see Thanos’ early years played out?

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