January Comic Sales Analysis


Superior Spider-Man #1 was the top selling comic for January

Superior Spider-Man #1 was the top selling comic for January

Another month of comic sales, another month of Marvel NOW! taking the cake.  It’s easy to call the relaunch a success, but how big of a success was it?

The highly controversial $3.99 price point doesn’t seem to bother fans any more.  Every book in the top ten has that price point.  Either fans don’t care, or just really want to read those stories.

It comes at no surprise that Superior Spider-Man #1 was the top selling comic of the mont.  It had a lot of press behind it, and a lot of buzz.  I was surprised that it beat out Batman #16 by over twenty thousand copies though.  But are those numbers the ACTUAL numbers?  Marvel is notorious for sending out a lot variants, especially with the relaunch.  The comic shop I went too explained that the 1:4 variants are the ones that really pad the numbers.  They make the sales “appear” to go up without actually increasing the sales.  But Superior Spider-Man #1 did sell well.  It might have taken #2 if it didn’t have so many variants. Superior Spider-Man #2 sold very well, without all the variants.  Once February is in the books, we will be able to see if Superior was the right choice, sales wise.

The rest of the top 100 seems to be the same as the past few months.  Death of the Family continues to sell incredibly well, with each title getting a slight boost from that.  Also helps that the Batman family of books are the best that DC is putting out right now.  DC books continue to sell very well, or not at all.  The Before Watchmen books seem to have leveled off around twenty thousand a month.  Far below what it was at beginning of the event.  The H’El on Earth even for the Superman books hasn’t boosted their sales at all.  One of my favorite DC books, Dial H, didn’t even make the top 100.  I’m surprised that it wasn’t cancelled with the recent wave.

It goes to show that no matter who creates the book, Wolverine will sell.  Savage Wolverine #1 was (pardon the pun) savaged by critics, but still cracked the top ten for the month.  Maybe it was the boobs?  I originally thought that All-New X-Men’s advanced shipping schedule would be a detriment too the title.  But every issue is selling very well.  That’s bad news for fans who want Marvel to go back to shipping a title once a month.  I was glad to see Young Avengers sold very well.  Hakweye and Daredevil continue to stay around the twenty thousand issue mark.

Star Wars #1 was the top selling book for Dark Horse.  It’s the first non Buffy related book to be the top selling Dark Horse book in some time.

Image had a good month, with The Walking Dead being their highest selling book.  What surprised me though, was the lack of sales for Invincible #100.  That book had an astonishing amount of variants, and I figured that would have pushed it into the top twenty at least.

When reading articles on other sites, or on forums, I see fans complaining about books that publishers are putting out.  These are books usually selling the most.  While I chock a lot of that up to “it’s popular, so the popular thing is to hate on it,” some people have actual…thought out complaints about these books.  The only thing I can say is this: do not buy these books.  That is the only thing you can do.  If it continues to sell well, then there is an audience for that book.  The publisher is not stupid for “not listening to the fans,” as there are numerous fans for that book.  Like Wolverine.  He may be over saturated, but if people keep buying the book, Marvel would be stupid to not put that book out.  Once his books stop selling, we won’t see him in books as much.

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Source : Diamond Comics Top 100