Jamie Foxx Talks SPIDER-MAN: Says ELECTRO And BATFLECK Have Something In Common


batfleckJamie Foxx finally got the spotlight in an Amazing Spider-Man 2 clip last night thanks to the movie’s special New Year’s Eve takeover (you can watch that here). The electrifying villain largely took a backseat to the Green Goblin in the first American trailer for the Marc Webb directed sequel. Foxx is the main villain for Spidey‘s next outing, and the actor has been talking a little about the way he approached the role as well as some negative online backlash in a recent interview with Empire.

Foxx touched on the negative online comments a lot of actors get when they join these big, blockbuster comic book films. Ben Affleck‘s casting as Batman reached new heights when it comes to online fury, but the Foxx says he and Affleck are in the same boat. Fans are jumping to conclusions before they even see the film, but Foxx says you can’t pay any attention to it (via ComicBook):

It used to be people would wait until they saw the film to decide their opinion. Now it’s, ‘Ben Affleck is Batman?! How f—ing dare you!’ What’s that all about? These blogs don’t like anything. Christian Bale. Heath Ledger. They weren’t happy – until they saw them. So you have to not give too much to it.

On a more positive note, Foxx discussed his approach to the character and how he drew a little inspiration for Electro‘s voice from two big stars:

I didn’t want Electro to be funny at all. This is a man who’s angry. He’s mad at the gods. He’s just using Spider-Man and these people as an excuse to act out and be evil. The voice is from me watching Clint Eastwood and Alec Baldwin. The great whisperers.

It’s kind of odd that Foxx says he didn’t want Electro to be funny considering some of his lines (the few we’ve heard at least) have been funny, maybe unintentionally though. The actor has performed his “Itsy Bitsy Spider-Man” line a few times on the talk show circuit. We’ve still not seen a whole lot of Electro in the trailers save for the handful of quick shots and displays of his powers, so hopefully we see and hear little more from Foxx in the months leading up to the May 2, 2014 release. What do you think about the actor’s comments?

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