Did James Tucker Reveal Two Characters Who Will Be Appearing In BATMAN: ASSAULT ON ARKHAM?



Justice League: War was just release on DVD, and fans being fans they are already looking ahead to the next movie animated movie from Warner Brothers and DC. The next movie on the slate is Batman And Son. That particularly movie will focus on when Bruce Wayne finds out he has a son, Damian.

However, like I said fans are always looking ahead, and DC Animation Producer James Tucker may have just given them a little nugget for the film after Batman And Son, Batman: Assault On Arkham. While chatting with the DC Comics website, Tucker was asked which characters from his animated films he would like to see get action figures. He went down a long list of characters from the movies until he surprisingly revealed, “And from Assault on Arkham, definitely King Shark and Harley.”

HarlySharkHarley Quinn is not a surprise, she has had her hand in all the Arkham games in some sort of fashion. Whether it was helping Joker plan the Arkham Island riot, all the way to her back story on how she became infatuated with The Joker which was told in Arkham Origins.

The real surprise here is King Shark. To the best of my knowledge King Shark is not referenced in the Arkham games (although I have beat the story, I’m still not 100% complete with Origins). The closest reference that comes to mind is during Arkahm Asylum, when you’re in the morgue, there is a reference to Warren White AKA The Great White Shark. A Character who disfigured himself intentionally to look like a shark. Unlike King Shark, who was born a shark-humanoid.

King Shark started out on the pages of Superboy, but has jumped around since his debut in 1994. He was already featured, all be it briefly, in another DC animated movie, Batman/Superman Public Enemies. While Tucker does seem to confirm him for the movie, it’s probably best not to get your hopes up (if they were) until we see some sort of trailer or still from the movie that confirms him. For the latest on all things DC Animation, make sure to check back here at Comic Book Therapy.


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