SDCC ’13:James O’Barr & Javier Gutierrez Talk The Crow Reboot, Makeup Tips and Luke Evans; Plus a New Lawsuit


crow-comic-conart.608x1064The Crow reboot has been stuck in development hell for quite some time, with numerous actors being attached to the project and lawsuits getting in the way, it’s a wonder it has made it through all the crap and still has life. Recently, Luke Evans signed on to fill the title role for director Javier Gutierrez and The Crow creator James O’Barr signed on to serve a creative consultant.

Sadly, the project isn’t in the clear yet, as it was announced that yet another lawsuit is being brought up against Relativity Media, which is producing the reboot. Jeff Most, who served as a producer on the original 1994 film and its sequels, is hitting the production company and fellow producer Edward R. Pressman with a suit that alleges breach of contract and good faith, fraud, deceit and contractual interference. Most is seeking unspecified compensatory and punitive damages and legal fees.No word on how this will effect the production of The Crow, which is slated to begin production in early 2014.

Now, onto more uplifting news. First off, The Crow creator James O’Barr was very against the idea of rebooting the project. Being that he and Brandon Lee were good friends, he felt that he essentially couldn’t dishonor his friend like that. However, once Javier Gutierrez was brought on to direct, he had a change of heart, but he certainly wasn’t afraid to tell Gutierrez how he felt about the project.

Before talking with him, I was 110% against it.  There was no point or need for a reboot.  In my mind, you could throw a $100 million at it, put Johnny Depp in it and had Ridley Scott direct and it wouldn’t top what Alex Proyas and Brandon Lee did.  I explained all of that the minute Javier arrived, “Remaking the movie was a terrible idea and you’ll never work in America again.”

That’s a pretty blunt and negative way to start things out. However, after hearing that Gutierrez was planning to go back to the beginning and use O’Barr’s original comic as its source, O’Barr was much more receptive. We’ve known for a while now that this was not a remake, but a reboot; taking things that we all know and love and completely starting over. Part of that is the inclusion of Luke Evans, who most recently starred as the antagonist in the hugely successful Fast & Furious 6. One of the biggest reasons they chose him was the fact that he’s never really been the lead in a film, always a supporting character, therefore doesn’t have the “baggage” of bigger stars. If you’ll remember a while back, some images were released that  showed the direction they were planning to go in regards to the iconic Crow makeup. To that topic, the pair simply said that was another time and another direction and something new was developed. It was, however, seeing Evans in the makeup that helped sell them on the actor.

They were showing me pictures of actors in the make-up and I came across Luke Evans and I said, this is the guy.  He has tragedy written all over his face already.  The make-up magnifies this.  He’s got this tortured look.  It’s in his eyes.  Physically, he’s got a chiseled face.  It amplifies his eyes.  There’s deep sadness in there I recognized immediately.

Sounds like they have a good thing going and now that they have O’Barr on board, fans may be able to rest a little bit easier, especially knowing that they won’t be trying to recreate the fan-favorite 1994 film. Be sure to check out the link below for more of the interview with James O’Barr and Javier Gutierrez. Also, for your viewing pleasure, is a new teaser poster that gives you a basic idea of the look they are going for with Eric Draven.

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