James McAvoy Talks STAR WARS, DAYS OF FUTURE PAST, And What Bolivar Trask Can Suck


mcavoy bannerJames McAvoy has been making the rounds to promote his new film Filth. While fielding questions about doing some very risque things in that movie, he has been answering all manner of comic book and other nerdy related movie questions. Yesterday we heard him express his love of the ThunderCats and how he thought Lion-O could be a huge role for an actor (you can read that here). While appearing on the Empire Podcast this week, McAvoy talked a little bit about Days of Future Past screenwriter Simon Kinberg. The writer will also be working on some of Disney‘s standalone Star Wars films, and McAvoy says he’s been trying to get in good so he can get an audition. The actor also has a brief statement regarding Peter Dinklage‘s Bolivar Trask.

McAvoy describes himself as a sci-fi and fantasy enthusiast. Because of his nerdy predisposition, it seems like a pretty safe bet he’s excited about Star Wars and would probably even like a part in the film. When asked if he had auditioned for Star Wars yet, since everyone and their grandmother have been reported to have read, McAvoy reveals he hasn’t but he really wants to:

I have not auditioned for Star Wars. Something is rotten in the state of equity, I’m telling you. No. Although I have just been working with one of the writers of the new series, Simon Kinberg. I slipped him a couple of coffees, felt his bum a wee bit, you know what I mean? “Any chance big man?” So yeah, I’ve put in the work.

I don’t know how McAvoy‘s coffee is, but maybe him being handsy can get him an audition for one of the many Star Wars films coming up over the next few years. McAvoy did go on to praise Kinberg‘s work on Days of Future Past:

He’s in everything. He’s a great guy. He’s so smart thematically and structurally. He just knows how to make these things work. He’s a great guy. I had a great time working on X-Men, the first one and the second one with him. Not the FIRST one, but our first one with the new guys. We got to work even more closely on Days of Future Past.

[on Kinberg being on set] When you’ve got that a story and that many cast members, you need to orchestrate it well. That’s going to happen in editing as well and probably with pickups. Every single movie you do, whether it’s a big one or a small one, they always have some kind of additional footage shot. Even better is to do it on the day. You always get on set and find stuff that works great on the page doesn’t work well on the screen. You get halfway through the film and you go ‘that stuff that we changed four weeks ago with that scene doesn’t work with that character now, but we still need them to come up and really have their time here so we need to change it.’ You need somebody like Simon who can work fast, who can be insightful and get to the core of what the script needs really quick. To watch him problem solve as we went was incredible.

mcavoyFor Empire’s final X-related question, they asked McAvoy what he thought of Peter Dinklage‘s recent comments about Bolivar Trask not really being a villain. The Dink stated earlier this week that Bolivar isn’t really a bad guy, he’s just an ambitious man of science (you can read the original quote here). McAvoy disagrees with Dinklage‘s assessment of the character and says that villainy is villainy. He also lets Trask know what he can do with a certain part of Prof. X‘s body:

He’s lying. He’s a liar [laughs]. Well, you know, I think villainy has to be inspired by something whether it’s ambition or malevolence, just natural malevolence or…I don’t know like ‘I need to be loved’ or ‘I never got hugged by my mum.’ Whatever it is, there’s justification for all sorts of villainy. If ambition is his justification for villainy it’s still villainy to me. Bolivar Trask can suck my mutant you-know-whats if you know what I mean.

McAvoy always comes across as a genuinely nice guy in his interviews. You can tell he has a respect for Simon Kinberg and a love of Star Wars. With everyone in Hollywood gunning for a role, obviously auditions are highly coveted. McAvoy would make a fine addition to either Star Wars VII or one of the spinoffs. Hopefully he can get the audition he felt up Kinberg for. In regards to Days of Future Past, he has a point about villainy. I’m sure there will be some ambiguity to Bolivar Trask but we pretty well know he’s not a great guy. What do you think about McAvoy‘s comments?

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Source : Empire