James McAvoy Really, Really Loves The THUNDERCATS And Would Love To Play LION-O


thundercatsJames McAvoy recently revealed that he is a huge ThunderCats fan and would love to play Lion-O if a film ever gets made. The actor explained his love for the ThunderCats and how he thinks a film, if done right, could be a box office success that could even win an actor an Oscar.

Speaking with Total Film about his new movie Filth, McAvoy was asked if there were any other super-teams he would like to see the X-Men join forces with. The actor used the opportunity to express his childhood love of the Lion-O, Tygra, Cheetara, and Panthro. He doesn’t want to cross over with the ThunderCats as much as play Lion-O himself:

It can’t happen, but the other cartoon that I loved was ThunderCats. It’s not really superhero-ish, they’re in a different planet, a different time possibly, and a different dimension maybe. There’s a great trailer for ThunderCats online. It’s like a fan made trailer where they brilliantly take Brad Pitt and turn him into Lion-O and make Vin Diesel Panthro. Who’s Cheetara? Oh, I think it’s the girl from Farscape. Hugh Jackman is Tygra. He looks amazing as Tygra. Anyway, I’d love to see that but it’s never going to happen. I would love to see a ThunderCats movie.

The actor isn’t a big fan of Snarf, saying that was some Jar Jar Binks level of stupidity. He does love the other characters a lot though. He says that if Lion-O was done right, the performance could win the actor that pulls it off some big awards:

Lion-O is a great character for any actor. It’s kind of explored a little bit in the cartoon, but you could really go for a 12 year old in the body of a man. Like a ripped, muscley, fighting man who’s meant to be the king of these people but he’s got a 12 year olds intellect. It’s basically the movie Vice Versa but with superpowers and the Sword of Omens. That’s amazing. That could be an Oscar as well as box office bait.

You can watch the full interview below to hear just how much McAvoy loves the franchise. You hear actor’s mentioning characters they would like to play a lot, but you don’t hear many get as excited as McAvoy does when he talks about Lion-O. The fan made trailer he mentioned is below as well. What do you think about McAvoy being the leader of the ThunderCats? Is that something you would like to see?

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Source : Total Film