James McAvoy Doesn’t Think WANTED 2 Is Happening, But He’s Still Game


wantedIn 2008 James McAvoy hit the comic book movie scene in a big way with Wanted, an adaption of the Mark Millar and J.G. Jones miniseries of the same name. McAvoy became an action star and even more of a heartthrob to some with his portrayal of Wesley “Wes” Allan Gibson, the meek office worker who learns he’s part of a long line of incredibly skilled assassins. The movie was a critical as well as box office success and it seemed that a sequel was all but assured. Everyone that survived the first one (pretty much just McAvoy) said they were game for a return. It has now been six years since the film’s release and there’s been little movement on Wanted 2. In a recent interview about his new movie Filth, the led actor revealed what he knows about the possibility of a sequel getting made.

wanted posterDigital Spy asked McAvoy if he knew if anything was happening on the Wanted front. The site pointed out that they spoke to series creator Mark Millar a while ago and were told it was in the pipeline. The actor states he hasn’t heard anything about the sequel in a long time and he’s not completely sure if he’s still under contract. McAvoy says that last involvement he had with any of it was when he was given a script a few years back. He wasn’t too pleased with it:

Somebody needs to put a gag on Mark! He is brilliant and I love him but if he knows something, I don’t know it. I haven’t heard anything. I remember about six years ago I got a script, I don’t think the studio even liked it very much and I wasn’t into it really. I think I’m still under contract for that – I need to have a chat with my agent – so if they ever want me to do it then I’m in, if I’m still under contract.
But I don’t know mate, they’d need to come up with a good story. It did seem like that story closed at the end of it for me, but I would definitely be interested. There is something about how it’s so joyously nihilistic and violent and it would be nice to see if we could either do that again or somehow slant it and introduce the consequences of that. It would be a fun character to revisit certainly, as I’ll be a good deal older and maybe in my mid-30s or hitting 40 by the time they get round to writing it.

So McAvoy did in fact get a script for a second outing at one time but he wasn’t too enthused by the story. It’s worth noting that he would still be interested in reprising his role if the script was good and the story made sense. He does have a point about Wanted feeling like it had a good ending, but then again nothing is really ever over when it comes to comics. What do you think about the actor’s comments? Would you still want to see Wanted 2 or do you think it has just been to long since the original?

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Source : Digital Spy