James Mangold Says There Will Be A Bloodier Director’s Cut Of The Wolverine: Talks Origins Failings


wolverine banner movieThis week will see the release of The Wolverine. The film has been running trailers saying “X-Men fans rejoice. This is the  Wolverine film you’ve been waiting for.” That’s a pretty big promise, and this week we’ll get to see if it delivers. In the final run-up to the film, director James Mangold has been out and about promoting his comic book movie directorial debut. In a recent chat with Digital Spy, the director talked about the movie’s final cut versus what will be on the Blu-ray/DVD release. He was happy with the cut he was able to present, but he says there will be a “slightly more violent” version:

wolverineI’m very happy with the cut, and the studio was very generous in terms of letting me finish the movie as I wanted, but I do think we will have a slightly more violent version… let’s say an unrated, a bloodier version. There’s about ten or 12 minutes of scenes that I’d love people to see, that we’ll produce some kind of longer version of the movie at some point on Blu-ray or whatever. There’s another great scene with Hiro Sanada and a much more elaborate battle with ninjas from the third act that is a pretty huge battle sequence that you’ll see.

The director has been reluctant to talk about the last Wolverine film, Origins, staying pretty respectful to all involved with that movie (and I use the term loosely) and keeping things professional. This is one of the first comments he’s made about the film’s failure and how it lost sight of what it was set out to do. The question on whether the lack of other mutants was intentional:

It was quite intentional, I think part of the trouble they fell into was sticking too many mutants in. The confused title of the first movie is X-Men Origins: Wolverine, I mean it sounds like a card file at a library. It’s like subject, section, title, it’s trying to promise that it’s not just Wolverine but at the same time saying it is.

Either that or its already preparing for what it’ll say on the binding for the nineteen-DVD set of movies about all these individual characters. I guess it’ll be X-Men Origins: Rogue, I don’t know if that’s what they were envisioning at that point.

You can read the full interview by clicking here. By all accounts, The Wolverine is an excellent film that finally delivers on all the promises we’ve heard about a Wolverine film for nearly the last decade. It sounds like Mangold did in fact deliver, and pushes the PG-13 rating as far as it goes. It will be interesting to see what this “bloodier” cut will look like. What do you think?

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Source : Digital Spy