James Gunn Talks GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY Test Footage And Alan Taylor’s Apology


guardians of the galaxyJames Gunn took to his Facebook page earlier today to congratulate his friends on the Thor: The Dark World team on the success of their opening day. The comments section quickly turned into a Guardians of the Galaxy fest, as does most everything Gunn posts on his page no matter the subject matter. While that would drive lesser men crazy, Gunn always takes time to answer fans’ questions and just generally interact with folks. The question of when we’ll see the Guardians test footage officially released came up for about the millionth time. Gunn gave his usual response, but he did give a few new pieces of info regarding that trailer put together in less than 12 days.

WARNING: There is one Thor spoiler in here if you haven’t seen it yet. It’s the final section of the article if you’re avoiding anything related to the film.

When asked about the footage, Gunn reiterated that we are very unlikely to ever seen that released before the film comes out, though he did say there is a possibility it could make it to the DVD/Blu-ray. Obviously it’s too early to be thinking about the home video release, but Gunn says that would be the only place it would ever be released:

Listen, I love it. But it was thrown together after 12 days of shooting, a mix of shots, makeup tests, and camera tests. The visual effects (especially Rocket and Groot) were temps at best. Our “Nebula” isn’t even Karen Gillan in the footage, but a girl we were testing Karen’s makeup on. So although it perfectly captures the flavor of the film, there’s no way it would hold up to the scrutiny that comes with posting something like that on the internet – nor would the general audience be able to understand “these are just temps and comps and makeup tests.” So it is never ever going to happen, except for maybe on the Blu-Ray AFTER the film comes out.

It’s interesting that he says the visual effects for Groot and Rocket were “temps at best.” Everyone who has seen the footage, and even those that saw it when it leaked, thought Groot and Rocket looked spectacular. It’s also a pretty big reveal that it wasn’t the bald Karen Gillan in that quick shot we saw of Nebula. It was a stand-in for a make-up test. It was a very quick shot, but we all just assumed it was really Gillan. So now we can add her back to the list of people we haven’t seen yet. We did get a good look at several other cast members in the leaked footage though.

Gunn also told fans that Thor: The Dark World director Alan Taylor has apologized to him for his comments about the mid-credits scenes. Taylor said in many interviews that he was very happy not to have filmed the scene involving Sif, Volstagg, and The Collector. He wasn’t a fan of the scene or the piece’s tone, and said he didn’t think something like that would have been directed by James Gunn either.

Well Gunn did in fact direct that piece. Taylor apologized in a short video clip while speaking to Movie Break, which you can see below. He bashed it in several interviews, so some of his comments in the video come off a little odd. Gunn said on the same Facebook post that Taylorhas apologized profusely both personally to me and to the press. He’s a good guy.” There was probably an awkward moment or two on the red carpet. In many video interviews Gunn and Taylor are seen in close proximity of each other. I’m sure they probably got a chance to chat and smooth things over around that time. What do you think about Gunn‘s comments about the test footage? Are you happy to hear things are good between Gunn and Taylor now?

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