James Gunn Finally Drops Some GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY Details


guardians of the galaxyLast night the Thor: The Dark World Los Angeles premiere took place. All the Marvel Studios movers and shakers were on hand to walk the red carpet and talk to the press about their various projects. One man many people were eager to speak to was director James Gunn. Guardians of the Galaxy is the most secretive movie Marvel has had to date, so reporters were hoping to crack the nut and get some sweet, sweet details out of Gunn. While he didn’t drop anything major, the director did open up and give out a few details about the cast he has assembled for Marvel‘s first cosmic outing.

If you just want to watch the videos, they are at the bottom. Fair warning: there is a spoiler regarding Thor: The Dark World‘s mid-credits scene. We’ll keep that at the very bottom of the article, so read on as you please.

Speaking with Crave Online, Gunn talked about his love of practical effects over CGI. The majority of Guardians‘ futuristic/sci-fi settings were actually constructed inside of the studio. Gunn teased one specific set that weighed in at a whopping 350,000 pounds:

We have a prison set that is 350,000 pounds of steel. Our sets are enormous. Anybody that knows me knows I really enjoy the mix of practical and CGI effects, so I carried that over into this movie. So we have tons and tons of practical effects. People are like ‘isn’t that expensive?’ It is enormously expensive, but not compared to making every shot in the film a visual effect. We have tons of practical sets that are just…I can’t wait for people to see it because it’s astoundingly beautiful.

thanos 2While Gunn prefers practical effects, there are obviously some things that have to be CGI. One of those things might be some aspects of Thanos. We know that the Mad Titan will have a part in Gunn‘s film, and while the director remained tight lipped about Thanos true role in the film, he did touch on the character’s importance:

Thanos is a character in our movie. He’s the main…sort of antagonist…you know, in my movie Ronan works for Thanos and Ronan is the main bad guy in our film.

If you watch the video below, you can tell that Gunn is incredibly excited about the film. When asked what the one thing he was excited for fans to finally get to see, the director couldn’t settle on one specific thing:

I saw the first assembly, and I got to say that Chris Pratt is without a doubt going to be the biggest movie star in the world within the next couple of years. There’s nobody like him around today that is able to be such a vulnerable, masculine, heroic, funny, hero. It’s absolutely astounding to watch. And every day on set it was astounding to watch this guy learn to become a movie star. It was a fantastic experience. That’s one of the things I’m excited about.

I’m excited about people seeing Charlie Wood’s sets. Our spaceships are just utterly beautiful. We care about every single frame of this movie and making it something that’s beautiful and there’s so much wonderful stuff in it. Zoe Saldana is great, Bradley Cooper is amazing, Benecio [Del Toro] is whacked out in our movie. He’s utterly whacked out! We were mesmerized by him the whole time he was on set. Dave Batista! I’m excited for people to see Dave Batista, a wrestler who can act. He’s really able to go places. There’s been a bunch of other muscle-bound movie stars in the past, but Dave has something in his eyes where he has a layer of depth to them which most people don’t have, much less most guys that are just known for their physiques. He’s funny as hell on top of it. There’s a lot of amazing things to see.

While on the subject of Benecio Del Toro as The Collector, Gunn said Benicio took the character in a wild direction:

He was probably the character that was most different from what I imagined, though I did sort of say he’s an outer space Liberace…that’s what it says in the script, which he’s kind of doing. He really came in prepared and did something utterly unique, and he’s mesmerizing the whole time he’s in the movie.

rocket raccoonOne actor he mentioned he’s excited about is Bradley Cooper. A little farther down the red carpet MTV got the chance to grill Gunn about the mischievous raccoon. After joking that everything he has done before Guardians is absolute b.s. because he knows he was put on this earth to direct this one film, Gunn said he’s pushing Cooper to his limits to get the performance he needs:

I’m a very controlling guy. [Rocket Raccoon] is a big one for me, and I have very specific ideas about what Rocket Raccoon is like. [Cooper] lets me push him any which way to get where I want to go. He does not give up. He sits there in the studio all day long until his voice is sore and his eyes are bloodshot, and he’s bleeding from his nose and ears. But he’s turned in some good raccoon voices, so who cares? Who cares about Bradley Cooper as long as he gives me a good raccoon? Screw him! Screw Bradley Cooper.

Now we’re getting into SPOILER TERRITORY! The mid-credits scene for Thor: The Dark World includes Benicio Del Toro as The Collector. I won’t go into the specifics, but he’s there and it sets up Guardians. Gunn said he talked to Kevin Feige about the scene and made sure it connects with their overall story and isn’t just a throwaway thing to get fans excited. Gunn said it came together pretty fast too. It came together very, very late in the game:

I got the script that morning, and I did it in two hours at the end of a day of second unit shooting. That’s how this little bit came together with Benicio.

So Gunn has finally opened up a little about Guardians. He teased that it won’t be too long before we see some more footage, so a teaser trailer may be on the way before the end of the year. That’s a lot to take in, but what do you think of Gunn‘s comments?



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