James Gunn Discusses THUNDERBOLTS And HIT MONKEY Films


While talking to CBR, director James Gunn (Guardians of The Galaxy, Slither, Super) mentioned two other Marvel comics he’d love to make into films. Gunn lists Thunderbolts and Hit Monkey as comic projects that have sparked his interest.

“Gunn declared. “One was ‘We3.’ The others were ‘Thunderbolts,’ ‘Hit Monkey’…and ‘Guardians Of The Galaxy.”

Thunderbolts is the more likely of the two considering the superhero/supervillian team is quite popular with many books to source from. The team was original founded/led by Captain America villain Baron Zemo. Over the years the lineup has been changed but some of the Marvel Studios owned characters include Ant-Man, Luke Cage, Nighthawk, Ghost, Radioactive Man, Songbird, Moonstone, Black Widow, Fixer, Paladin, Atlas, MACH (I-V) and Red Hulk. It could be really interesting to see supporting heroes of the Marvel cinematic universe teamup with villains. The studio could also re-introduce established characters such as Punisher and Blade in a film like this.

Depending on the successes of the characters Rocket Raccoon and Deadpool in their own films respectfully Hit Monkey could also be a possibility in the future.

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Source : CBR