James Gunn And Zoe Saldana Talk Guardians Of The Galaxy


guradians of the galaxyWith Iron Man 3 kicking off Marvel’s Phase Two, we start our march to The Avengers 2. Our next stop will be in Asgard this November with Thor: The Dark World, but before too long we’ll be heading off to space with James Gunn‘s Guardians of the Galaxy. We’ve had a few casting announcements and a couple pieces of concept art, but this film seems like it’s going to be one of Marvel‘s most secretive movies to date. Today we get a glimmer of light shed on the film as Gunn and our Gamora, Zoe Saldana, talk a little bit about the film and its cast.

The director took to his Facebook page this morning to show off those previously released pieces of concept art. He bragged on his cast and commended Marvel for being a ‘ballsy‘ studio for letting him have his picks:

New Guardians of the Galaxy concept art dropped today on EW, along with news about Chris Pratt, Zoe Saldana, & Dave Bautista (Batista). I couldn’t be more pleased that Marvel has stood with me in choosing the best actor for every role rather than go with the typical obvious studio choices. They’re a ballsy studio and I’m lucky to be there.

Gunn is very active on his Facebook account. When he gets time to post, he also takes time to interact with the people that follow him. He recommended some of DnA‘s run on Guardians for fans looking to get into the comics, but he also corrected a fan that tried to call him out on his statement about the cast. A guy (whose name I have redacted for obvious reasons) tried to call Gunn out on his statement that Marvel and the studio didn’t interfere with his casting choices. He called Pratt and Saldanatypical studio system actors.” Gunn put him in his place and described how he chose his team:

Chris Pratt auditioned against A-list big-time movie stars for the most desired role around and Marvel was ballsy enough to back me when I wanted to hire him. I’ll love them forever for going with me on that. No other studio in the world would have ever taken that risk. Nor would any other studio in the world ever have hired me (or Joss Whedon, etc) to do this type of film. Same with the others. Anyone who has followed me for a while knows I either speak my mind or shut the fuck up. I never say I love something if I don’t.

And, to be completely frank, I’ve been way more pressured to cast “names” on nearly every independent film I’ve ever done.

The director also said that he has seen Chris Pratt and he is in amazing shape right now. An actual member of the Guardians weighed in on the film as well. Zoe Saldana is out doing press for Star Trek Into Darkness, but the actress did get a few Guardians of the Galaxy questions. In video interviews with Absolute Radio and Total Film, the actress touched on what drew her to the part and how impressed she was with the script. She also revealed that she’s going to be painted green. Gamora isn’t going to be a CGI heavy character as some expected. This seems to hint that Dave Bautista may also be going green as well. Check out the videos below. What do you think about Gunn and Saldana‘s comments? Are you happy Gamora isn’t going to be brought to life with practical effects?

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