Jaimie Alexander Talks Strong Female Heroes And WONDER WOMAN


wonder womanLast night news broke that Thor‘s Jaimie Alexander has been having “conversations” with Warner Bros. and DC about Batman vs. Superman. The news came during the AMC panel at Stan Lee’s ComiKaze, which is going on all weekend (you can see the original report here). The extent of the story came from Forbes movie blogger Mark Hughes’ Tweets. Today an interview with the actress has hit, and she talks about everything from Thor, to female role models, and those WB discussions.

After sending the internet into a tizzy with his Tweets, Hughes got the chance to speak with the actress after the panel. Before diving into the Batman vs. Superman revelation, Alexander talked about strong female super heroes and just strong females in general. Alexander gives Marvel a lot of credit for presenting well rounded characters:

I gotta say, Marvel really writes their women very well. And that’s one of the biggest things for me, when I look at playing a character I want to make sure that I’m playing the character first and the physicality is second, and Marvel understands that. They’ve done a tremendous job, especially in our film, of portraying women as strong and confident. And a side note is that, you know what? They’re pretty, they’re beautiful, inside and out. And that’s just a secondary. So they’ve really set the bar very high.

wonder womanAnd part of being a strong female is being able to stand on your own. Alexander would love to have Sif spin off into her own solo Marvel film, but she says a lot of stars would have to align for that to happen. While Sif may be a bit of a stretch for a solo movie, one female comic book character who will likely get her own film in the near future is Wonder Woman. When Alexander said she was talking to WB about Batman vs. Superman, fan’s immediate knee-jerk reaction was that she was talking to them about the Amazonian warrior. When asked just that, Alexander danced around the question:

I’m a huge fan of Wonder Woman. I really think if this is the closest that we’re ever going to get to Wonder Woman, then I’m proud to play Sif. I hope that other comic book entities can learn a lesson from Marvel in how to execute a female character the way it should be done. I really would like to one day see a Wonder Woman film or Wonder Woman character, but until it’s done with class, I’d rather it not be done.

I would love for DC to put Wonder Woman in one of their upcoming flicks, either in her own movie or Batman vs. Superman, or just something even to introduce her. Being in the comic book world, we know a lot of the same people at DC and Marvel, so we hear a lot of things, but it’s all speculation right now. But I would absolutely love that [Wonder Woman appearing in one of the upcoming films]. Thankfully and gratefully, I’m appreciative to the people who ask my opinion of the character, and that’s been pretty amazing.

So that put some water on that fire. Alexander runs with the comic book movie crowd, so there’s some Marvel/DC crossover. While she probably is talking about a role in Batman vs. Superman, she could be doing something as simple as offering some ideas on how to present a female hero like Wonder Woman in the vein of Sif. With her saying it’s “all speculation” now, it’s hard to gauge what may or may not be going on. We’ll just have to wait and see on this one. You can read a lot more from Alexander in Hughes’ piece by clicking here.

And if you’re so inclined, AMC Theaters has posted the full video for the panel if you’ve got a spare 40 minutes. We’ve all heard the news about Alexander defending Batfleck and dropping that “in talks with WB” bomb, but if you want to hear it from her mouth, here you go. You’ll want to check out the 14:25 and roughly 17:56 mark. What do you think about Alexander‘s comments? Do you think she’s talking to the studio about Wonder Woman or is this just wishful thinking on fanboy and fangirl’s part?

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Source : Forbes