Jaimie Alexander Says WONDER WOMAN Is More Than A Pair Of ‘Knockers In A Leotard’


jaimie alexander wonder womanThe past few weeks rumors have been flying about which characters may or may not appear in Batman vs. Superman. We’ve heard Nightwing may pop up and the Flash may run by, but the most persistent rumor has been about Wonder Woman. Jaimie Alexander kicked things up a notch recently when she revealed she had a few discussions with Warner Bros. about a certain role and knew a few plot points involving Ben Affleck‘s Batman. Many people’s knee-jerk reaction was that Alexander was talking about Wonder Woman. While she may just have a small role as Ben Affleck‘s love interest, or no role in the film at all, she does love Wonder Woman. The actress once again spoke out about her love of all things Princess Diana of Themyscira.

Speaking with Nerdist this past weekend, Alexander was asked about her comments regarding the discussions, but she dodged the questions repeatedly saying “Asgard! Let’s talk about Asgard.” She did talk about the character in general though, saying she’s much more than a pretty woman:

I’m a huge fan, absolutely. I don’t think that’s a secret. I think everybody knows my thoughts on Lady Diana. I’m a huge fan. I grew up with her, reading the comics and all that stuff. She’s a powerful character. Like I said, I’d love to see her done where it’s more about her character and less about how big her knockers are in a leotard.

Alexander knew her comics too. The actress says that the character’s comic book story lines are overlooked and left out when conversations about possible movies comes up:

They are very glossed over. I think there’s so much you can explore with her, there really is. I mean that is like…on a silver platter to studios to really do something epic with it. Fingers crossed that they take it seriously.

When asked specifically about her discussions with Warner Bros. by MTV, Alexander answered the question and revealed…no, just kidding, she dodged it again:

You know, I can’t. What I can say is I’m here to talk about the Marvel Universe. And that is all I have to say about that. You know, I have been a huge fan of Wonder Woman since I was a little kid, so I’m absolutely flattered that a lot of people have chosen me as their fan choice. I think that is pretty epic and incredibly humbling.

She had a few more things to say about the character and how she’s glad people want to see her as Wonder Woman. You can watch it in its entirety below. So Alexander has had some talks about something regarding Batman vs. Superman and she really loves Wonder Woman. The two may be unrelated, but we can all admit it wouldn’t be the worse thing if she did end up with the part. Likely her gig at Marvel will keep that from happening, but she’s keeping hope of a Wonder Woman movie alive and in the spotlight. What do you think about Alexander‘s comments?




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