Jaimie Alexander Pulls No Punches When Talking Wonder Woman


sif bannerJaimie Alexander is a huge comic book fan. Besides playing the fearsome Sif in the Thor movies, the actress has her eye on the role of X-23 (although she says she’s probably too old for the role). One role many fans have nominated Alexander for is Wonder Woman. The actress talked about her current lack of interest in the part with MTV while promoting her new film Last Stand.

While many fans mention Jaimie Alexander for Wonder Woman whenever talks start up again on a new project, the actress is no longer interested due to the treatment of the character:

I used to be [interested], but then I’ve seen how many failed attempts there have been in making it. It’s embarrassing for me as a woman, seeing what they did with that TV show. Let’s talk about this for a second. You have very few female superheroes dominating films these days, unless they’re in a skin tight outfit and their boobs are pushed up to their chin. It’s not okay. All she does is sit and eat ice cream while she’s crying over a boy. I know that never aired, but that’s what the script said.

wonder womanPulling no punches on the failed TV show, the fan-favorite did offer up advice on how she thinks Wonder Woman needs to be treated on film:

There needs to be a positive role model. If you’re going to make ‘Wonder Woman,’ make it like ‘The Bourne Supremacy. Let’s do something awesome like that. Like ‘Alias.’ That was a fantastic show. Why can’t we do that? Why does she have to be in hot pants and spandex? I get it, it’s visually stunning for half of the people, but at least make her grow a pair!”

You can watch the full video interview over on MTV by clicking here. If Alexander wasn’t already Lady Sif, she would be one of the top choices to play Wonder Woman. She may no longer be interested in the role, but she makes some good points on how you could make a compelling Wonder Woman story. What do you think about her assessment of Wonder Woman? Do you think a Bourne style movie could work?

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Source : MTV