Jaimie Alexander On Thor Sequel: Sif/Thor Relationship To Be Explored


sifJaimie Alexander is out doing the rounds for her new movie The Last Stand with Arnold Schwarzenegger, but luckily people are asking her about Thor: The Dark World. The Sif actress was injured on set last year, but fortunately she had a speedy recovery. Alexander mentions she wrapped filming a few weeks ago among many other interesting tidbits. The actress talks about new director Alan Taylor, new addition to the Warrior’s Three Zachary Levi, and how the Thor/Sif romantic relationship will be explored in the sequel. I Am Rogue got the actress to spill some juicy stuff, check it out!

Thor (Hemsworth) battles to save all the Nine Realms from a mysterious enemy older than the universe itself. However, a primeval race led by Malekith (Eccleston), who is out for revenge, intends to descend the universe into darkness. Confronted by an enemy that even Odin (Hopkins) and Asgard cannot overcome, Thor must reunite with Jane Foster (Portman) and set out on a dangerous journey that will force him to make the ultimate sacrifice.


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Source : I AM ROGUE