Jaimie Alexander On The Possible Love Triangle In Thor: The Dark World


sif bannerWe know that there are going to be some girl problems for Thor in the sequel directed by Alan Taylor. In his first solo adventure he fell in love with Natalie Portman‘s Jane Foster, only to be ripped away from here when the pathway from Asgard to Earth was destroyed. He then made a quick trip back to Earth to save it during The Avengers. He didn’t check in with Jane though. There’s sure to be a little fallout from that in The Dark World. We know that Jane is also going to be making the trip to Asgard, and with that arrangement there’s sure to be some problems. Some of those come from Thor‘s other gal-pal Sif. Jaimie Alexander recently spoke with IGN on what we can expect from Sif this time around.

sifAlexander touched on the love triangle elements of the sequel and what sort of mindset Lady Sif is in when she finds out Jane is on her turf. You can see from the first trailer that Sif isn’t too pleased with Jane‘s arrival. If looks could kill, Sif would have annihilated Jane.

Well, I think that everyone can tell from the trailer that Jane comes to Asgard, which could pose a threat. You know, we’re bringing someone from another realm into our realm who technically shouldn’t be able to survive there. So I think she’s really, more than seeing Jane as a threat to somebody that she loves in a love triangle way, it’s more that Jane could be a threat to her people. And Sif is very protective of her fellow Asgardians and the throne and that sort of thing, so she’s quite wary of Jane. But also, she really, really loves Thor — as a comrade, as a warrior and as the future king of Asgard — but also as a man. So I think it’s very hard for her to see that he still has feelings for this other person. But you really get to see how much she loves him because she does end up sacrificing a lot. It’s a great part this time around. It was a lot of fun, and you get to see a more vulnerable side of Sif. You also get to see more of Asgard, the daily life in Asgard and the Warriors [Three] and where they come from, things like that. It’s going to be a lot of fun.

You can read the rest of the interview where Alexander touches on the new director and reiterates some of her previous statements about the fan campaign to get her to play Wonder Woman by clicking here. It’s going to be interesting to see a lot more Asgard and the Warriors Three in the sequel. A lot of people aren’t sold on the love triangle aspect yet, but I think it will be handled well. From some of the things we’ve heard it sounds like it will be a minor part of the larger picture. There’s always a little tension between Sif and Thor in the comics, so this isn’t completely new territory. What do you think about what Alexander had to say? The Thor synopsis says someone will make the ultimate sacrifice. Do you thing there’s a little more to her comment about Sifsacrificing a lot?” Thor: The Dark World hits theaters November 8th.

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Source : IGN