J.W. Rinzler Talks Dark Horse’s The Star Wars Series


the star warsAt WonderCon the other weekend, Dark Horse made a major Star Wars announcement. The publisher will be bringing George Lucas’ original idea, The Star Wars, to life in comic book form. Tackling Lucas’ original draft will be writer J.W. Rinzler and artist Mike Mayhew. In a recent interview with CBR, Rinzler shd some light on the project and what we can expect to see. It’s going to be a whole new world, but it’s still in that same galaxy far, far away.

The series is slated for 8 issues starting this September. Disney buying Marvel and starting their own Star Wars trilogy isn’t the reason this project is coming out now. Rinzler says that it has been in the works for a while and the timing is just a happy coincidence. They’ve been going to Lucas for a few years showing him ideas and art. He talks about how it actually happened:

When Dark Horse and [editor] Randy Stradley said they wanted to adapt the rough draft into a comic book series, I suggested that they hire someone to illustrate a few pages of it. I chose a few scenes and wrote a rough adaptation for them, and an artist drew those few pages, about eight or so. These were scenes I thought George might enjoy seeing brought to life. And he must have enjoyed them just enough, because he then OK’d the project. We were pretty excited.

While all the characters will be different from what we know and love in Star Wars, no character featured a bigger change than Han Solo. In The Star Wars, Solo is a giant green alien/monster with gills. He’s still an essential part of the story and a good guy, but yeah he’s a big green alien. Rinzler talks about some of the similarities and differences we’ll read this September:

the star wars sketchThere is an opening scroll, but I don’t want to give it away here. The general story is sort of the same: The Empire versus the good guys. And there is a Space Fortress and there are Sith Knights. But there are 100 Sith Knights, though we only see a few, and there are two attacks on the Space Fortress.Darth Vader is a general. Annikin’s dad is Kane Starkiller. And Leia has her own parents, who we meet, and so on.

The Starkillers — Kane, Annikin and Deak — are unrelated to the one Skywalker: Luke. Princess Leia has her own family, but Kane and Luke, the two veteran Jedi, are old, old friends. The idea is that these two Jedi have been through a helluva lot together, and they are perhaps two of the only Jedi left around. The others in the story are often skeptical that any Jedi are left, similar to Grand Moff Tarkin’s conversation with Vader in Episode IV.

It was George’s first complete imaginings of the story, something I really responded to while reading it. It was out there and fun. He wasn’t worried about what would necessarily work on film, which is why comics are a perfect medium for it. Much of what happens in the story really, perhaps originally, comes from the comic book world of Flash Gordon and Buck Rogers, Frank Frazetta and Al Williamson, as well as the dozens of other influences, including, of course, Akira Kurosawa’s “Hidden Fortress.”

Star Wars fans are pretty excited about the chance of seeing Lucas’ original ideas for the film finally seeing the light of day, especially in comic book form. Rinzler said there will be some things added since Lucas only had a rough draft/outline, but there will be things like lazer swords, Stormtroopers, and a cantina scene that were in the draft. He’s added things more like dialogues and some expanded fights. You can read the full interview with Rinzler and check out some of the concept art by clicking here. What do you think about The Star Wars? Will you be checking this out later this year?

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Source : CBR