J. Jonah Jameson Asks Who Will Clean Up After Spider-Man; Another Mention of The Shocker In New Viral Piece


ShockerThe marketing for Marc Webb’s second installment in the Amazing Spider-Man franchise continues to ramp up. Earlier today, we had a new-ish trailer surface, showing off a tiny bit of new footage and the barrage of online, viral marketing also continues via The Daily Bugle Tumblr page. We’ve seen a variety of hints, nods and suggestions come through the page and today is no different.

This time around, The Daily Bugle publisher J. Jonah Jameson takes control and offers up an editorial piece that asks who will be paying for the messes that Spider-Man is leaving in his wake while fighting crime. In true JJJ fashion, the newspaper boss doesn’t hold back in the finger pointing and lets loose on the masked hero.

While driving in the wrong direction, the carjacker hit four cars, one of which crashed through the front of a coffee shop…one of those places that serves that stupid latte art Melissa Hutchins loves so much. Fortunately, no one was hurt, but police estimate over four hundred thousand in damages were incurred.
Of course, civilians applauded as the wall-crawling vigilante pulled the thief out of his damaged car. Did any of them notice the damage left in Spider-Man’s wake?
Last December, Spider-Man pursued a bank robber named Herman Schultz who was using homemade weapons that emitted vibrational shock waves. Over two hundred photos of Schultz, hanging upside down from a twisted street light in a cocoon of webbing, were posted online. Including several with police officers (all of whom were reprimanded).
Did anyone consider that during Spider-Man’s prolonged pursuit and apprehension of Schultz, a city bus, a police car, two streetlights, a fire hydrant and twenty feet of sidewalk were destroyed? Estimated damage: $2.8 million dollars.

This is a question that always comes up when it comes to our favorites heroes and one I’ve asked myself many times. Anyway, there is another tidbit in the article, which is yet another mention of Herman Schultz, better known as The Shocker in Spider-Man comic lore. This is actually the third time the character has been mentioned on The Daily Bugle page, which makes you began to wonder where they are going with the information. The page is often used as a launching point for future news pieces and character reveals, so we’ll be sure to keep an eye on this one.

While the character may not be showing up in this year’s The Amazing Spider-Man 2, it’s certainly possible he could show up in a future film, especially with Sony expanding the Spider-Man film-verse, including a villain centered film. The Amazing Spider-Man 2 swings into theaters this May, where the wall-crawler will tackle no fewer than three different baddies: The Green Goblin (Dane DeHaan), Electro (Jamie Foxx) and Rhino (Paul Giamatti). Andrew Garfield, Emma Stone and Sally Field will all be reprising their roles. Chris Cooper, Colm Feore, BJ Novak and Felicity Jones will be joining them.

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Source : The Daily Bugle