J.J. Abrams Talks Casting For STAR WARS VII


abrams bannerJ.J. Abrams was interviewed on BBC Newsnight by Neil Gaiman, yes that Neil Gaiman, about his new book S. Abrams danced around what the book is about, sticking to his whole mystery schtick, but Gaiman kept the interview moving along and asked about a wide range of topics. He covered everything from libraries,, special effects driven movies, and different types of art. Gaiman did manage to get a Star Wars question in though.

It’s a fantastic interview, but if you don’t have a spare 14 minutes and just want to know about the Star Wars part (which are around the 13:00 mark), we’ve got you covered. Gaiman asked about some rumors that “British” actors are being considered for Star Wars VII (insert Benedict Cumberbatch for “British“). Abrams didn’t deny it, but he didn’t technically confirm it either:

Well it wouldn’t be Star Wars if there wasn’t fantastic actors who happened to be British, but I think we’re doing our job and looking everywhere for  the best possible actors for the roles. I mean nothing is more important, there are things as important, but nothing is more important than casting a movie great. I have been incredibly lucky to be involved in projects that we’ve had wonderful casts and wonderful casting directors to make it happen. The last thing you want to do when you’re collaborating on something is work with people that you have to do their job for them, kind of, give them notes every way. You want people who inspire you and elevate it.

Gaiman proves he still has some serious interview skills, but that’s besides the point for now. I’d say it’s a safe bet there will be several Brits in the cast, and I’d wager a few bucks Cumberbatch will have a part. With Abrams and Lawrence Kasdan now working on a script, and a December 18, 2015 release, hopefully we’ll hear some official casting very soon. What do you think about Abrams casting comments?

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Source : BBC Newsnight