J.J. Abrams Talks About His Approach To Star Wars VII: Confirms Filming Will Be In The UK


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J.J. Abrams escaped the Star Trek Into Darkness press blitz without being completely bombarded by Star Wars questions. The fact the director’s new gig didn’t overshadow the movie he was trying to promote even slightly was a little surprising. But now that Star Trek is out in the wild, the focus can now shift to what Abrams is going to do with Disney‘s first Star Wars flick and the continuation of George Lucas‘ story with Episode VII. While appearing at the Produced By Conference this weekend, Abrams touched on his approach to the juggernaut of a franchise.

Abrams took the stage at the conference and dodged and weaved questions relating to his upcoming film for the most part. At the end of his talk he did say a few brief words about Star Wars. He discussed what aspects of the original movies he wants to capture while still trying to do something different and new (transcript via ComingSoon):

Talk about bigger than any of us. That thing is so massive and so important to so many people. I know from seeing the first film when I was 11 what that felt like. I think the key in moving forward with something like this is in honoring but not revering what came before. There’s that deep feeling of infinite possibilities that I think was the ultimate thing I thought when I first saw ‘Star Wars’ which I would — and probably will — give my left arm to try and come close to again.

That’s a pretty good answer. One can easily see how crippling trying to follow up the original trilogy could be (let’s not talk about the prequels). Abram‘s “honoring but not revering” comment seems to indicate he has the right mindset for the job for now at least. Abrams also confirmed that filming will begin next year and will take place in England. Everything Abrams has filmed previously has been done entirely in Los Angeles. He’s big on doing everything as a completely LA based production. He’s going off to film outside the country for the first time, but he doesn’t sound happy about it:

[W]hen I came into it, there was already a pre-arranged thing for them to be shooting in England which, really does make me insane. I’ve never shot a movie outside the US or out of L.A… We are, most likely, if all goes ahead, going to be moving to London at the end of the year… There’s a whole lot of stuff happening at home. It’s not an easy thing.

It may make him step outside of his comfort zone, but it seems like a small price to pay for the directing job the rest of Hollywood was salivating to get. What do you think about what Abrams‘ had to say? I’m sure we’ll hear a lot more from him between now and when filming starts next year.

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Source : ComingSoon.net