J.J. Abrams Seems To Finally Admit Star Wars May Keep Him From Directing Star Trek 3


jj abrams star trek star wars bannerJ.J. Abrams has had a tough job the past few months. He was announced as the director for Star Wars VIII, but he still had to go out and promote Star Trek Into Darkness. Luckily for him, the Star Wars questions haven’t completely overshadowed the Star Trek movie tour. The two huge franchises owned by different companies has led to Abrams having to walk a political tightrope. So far he has remained open to the possibility of directing the next Star Trek movie even though he has a massive amount of Star Wars work to do. Today it appears that the director has finally admitted that Wars may keep him from being heavily involved with a new Trek film.

Abrams had remained optimistic that he could do both. Simon Pegg even went so far as to state that Abrams would definitely direct Trek 3, only to backtrack later. In a recent piece about the director in the New York Times (via /Film) Abrams seemed to suggest he may just have to be a producer on the next Star Trek. While it’s not a direct quote, the article does say:

He was noncommittal about directing a third “Star Trek,” except to say that Bad Robot would produce it. He said it was unlikely that Paramount would wait another four years for such a film, in which case his “Star Wars” schedule would likely conflict with it.

This doesn’t come as too big of a surprise to anyone. The possibility of Abrams and Bad Robot only being producers was mentioned when the initial Star Wars announcement was made, but it seems the director is starting to word things differently to let the Trek community know he might not be back in the Captain’s chair. Star Wars is said to begin filming in early 2014, and you can imagine there will be a lot to do in post production. Rumors are circulating that Paramount wants Star Trek 3 in theaters by 2016 for the 50th Anniversary. This wouldn’t leave much, if any, room in between Wars and Trek for Abrams. What do you think? Should Trek have a new director? Do you have anybody in mind?

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Source : /Film