It’s Never Been A Better Time To Be Undead


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We’re about two months away from Halloween, and a lot of people are already working on costume ideas. We all know someone who goes all out on Halloween (you might even be that person) and looks for something to top what they did the previous year. Today we have a guest post about something that’s sure to be hot this Halloween season- zombies. With The Walking Dead getting more popular with each episode aired and comic released, it’s never been a better time to be a zombie. Read on to see why!

Could this be the coolest Halloween costume of the year?

There may be a few weeks of summer still to come (I don’t trust meteorologists to say the least), but it’s not too long until we begin to think about wrapping up warm and preparing for the cold months of autumn and winter. Although the climate might not be too favourable for much longer, there’s still plenty to look forward to, namely Halloween!

As October 31st draws closer, people will probably be making plans, but what will they involve? It could be a party with friends and a few drinks, dressing up the kids to go Trick or Treating or perhaps something else of a spooky nature! A big part of Halloween celebrations involve dressing up, but how far are revelers willing to go?



Just like in the movies?

In the past, it seemed like everyone who decided to dress up for a Halloween party would come in the typical ‘scary’ costumes. Mummies, vampires, ghosts, the Grim Reaper – if you didn’t see all of those costumes, you would be surprised. However, many famous scary film characters have proven to be the inspiration for many cool zombie costumes, Freddie Krueger being a notable example.

Today, it seems that there is a rash of zombie films currently or due to be shown in cinemas all over the world. At the same time, there are a number of critically acclaimed TV shows with a zombie theme, and it seems like the craze for the undead is here to stay for a while yet, with an impressive 51 zombie films set to be released over the course of 2013 alone!


Taking the box office by storm

Among the zombie films that have come out recently include Warm Bodies, which achieved plenty of success at the box office, while a few more films are due to come out in the run-up to Halloween. One such film hoping to follow in the footsteps of the box office success of World War Z and Warm Bodies is R.I.P.D., which has taken another unusual comedic take on what it means to be undead.

Party like there’s a zombie apocalypse

The Walking Dead has been a huge hit, depicting the challenges of sheriff deputy Rick Grimes in a post-apocalyptic Atlanta infested with so called ‘walkers and biters’. It’s atmospheric and dark yet entertaining and thoroughly thrilling storyline, as well as some of the most creative and ghoulish takes on Zombies that I’ve seen to date. Who can forget ‘little girl’ and the girl with the creepy eyes -even zombies of past would be terrified of Walking Dead zombies.


‘Diarrhea eye’ image courtesy of Romero Brooks

‘Little Girl’ image courtesy of NothingsNormal

‘Little Girl Costume’ Courtesy of FancyDressBall

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