It’s A Mutant Massacre In A Detailed Description Of The DAYS OF FUTURE PAST CinemaCon Footage

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days of future pastA very detailed and spoiler-filled description of the X-Men: Days of Future Past footage screened at CinemaCon today has surfaced. We know that the Bryan Singer directed inbetweequel is going to be bleak and dreary in the Sentinel-controlled future sections of the film, but I don’t think we have any idea just how bad things are going to get. It’s said the scene shown today was for the first 10-minutes of the film, but it still contains some things you may or may not want to know about the movie before going into the theater. Read on at your own discretion.

CinemaBlend.Com had the most detailed and thorough description of the footage, so we’ll go with their take. Days of Future Past starts out in the future, you know, to show us what the stakes are this time around. The opening scene involves a massive Sentinel attack:

The scene then moves to a stronghold underground where Colossus (Daniel Cudmore), Warpath (Booboo Stewart), Blink (Fan Bing-Bing), Kitty Pryde (Ellen Page), Bishop (Omar Sy), and Sunspot (Adan Canto) are hiding out underground. Sensing that the Sentinels are coming, the group springs into action. Sunspot uses his powers of solar energy absorption to power Bishop’s gun before turning himself into pure energy and Colossus uses his mutation to turn his body into pure metal. Warpath, Blink, and Colossus circle up in a defensive pattern, while Kitty and Bishop sprint off in another direction, using Kitty’s powers to phase through anything that gets in their way. From there the battle begins.
The Sentinels blast their way in through the walls and the mutants begin to fight back. Sunspot hits one of them with a fire blast, temporarily stunning it, but Colossus has less luck in his match-up, getting slammed by the robot into the ground. Warpath is able to hold his own with his blades, cutting up one of the baddies with his knives, while Blink opens up a wormhole and reveals that Ice Man (Shawn Ashmore) is with the mutants in the bunker too. Sharing a quick look with Kitty as she runs by with Bishop, Ice Man goes from his human form into ice and travels through Blink’s wormhole to join the battle against the Sentinels.

x-menSounds good right? Very action-packed and exciting. Well things get bad. They get really, really bad. You don’t go up against the future versions of the Sentinels and win. We know mutants will die. Every mutant died in the comic book the movie is based on, but it sounds like we may see some of the future gang die a time or two in the film. The site goes on to describe the real kicker of the footage:

Unfortunately, that’s when things start to very wrong. In their battles against the various mutants, the Sentinels begin to adapt. The Sentinel fighting against Colossus is able to become the same kind of metal, the one fighting Sunspot is able to cool itself to counteract the heat blasts, and Ice Man’s is able to get super hot and avoid being frozen. Away from the action, Bishop lies down on a table and Kitty puts her hands on either side of his head, using her powers in a way we have never seen her use them before.
Back in the battle, things are coming to an end… and in the worst way possible. Ice Man is decapitated and gets his Ice skull crushed under foot. Blink tries to teleport one of the Sentinels away and winds up getting stabbed through the chest. Colossus is destroyed. Warpath, who is standing against the wall of the room where Kitty and Bishop are, faces off against three Sentinels, but is killed off-screen by a face blast from one of the Sentinels that is used to melt the wall behind him. As the Sentinels get close to Kitty and Bishop, Kitty says, “Too late assholes,” and suddenly everything slows down. Kitty, Bishop, the Sentinels, and even all of the various objects in the room disappear and silence takes over. Kitty and Bishop have managed to change the past and, presumably, save their friends.

So things are going to get bad before ol’ Wolverine (Hugh Jackman) goes back to the 70s and sets things right. It’s interesting that Bishop is sent back somewhere as well. Could he have been sent back to the same time period as Wolverine, or was his trip a shorter one? We’ll have to wait to find out, but Omar Sy could have a much larger and more important role than we originally though. We’ll find out when X-Men: Days of Future Past hits theaters May 23rd. What do you think about the description of the film’s opening?


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Source : CinemaBlend.Com