It Seems More DC Video Games Are On The Horizon


dc comicsThere’s been a lot of talk lately about how WB/DC will expand their movie universes after Batman and Superman face off in the upcoming Man of Steel sequel, but people seem to have overlooked the expanding DC video game universe. The company has the highly successful Batman Arkham series, their recent hit with Injustice, and the various LEGO games featuring many different comic book characters. While those are all great games, it sounds like we’ll be seeing a lot more DC video game offerings very soon.

Time Warner CEO Kevin Tsujihara recently spoke at a special conference about all of the company’s upcoming projects. We had heard a little bit about WB‘s excitement at getting Ben Affleck to play Batman, but some DC related video game quotes just recently found their way online. Tsujihara says that video games are very important to the company and they’re very pleased with their upcoming slate of games:

We are by far the biggest – probably the only studio that’s making money on the game side like this. It’s a business that we’ve built from scratch with some acquisition but we have really three key franchises to date. It’s the LEGO franchise, it’s the Mortal Kombat franchise, and it’s the Arkham of Batman franchise, those three are very significant. We are having a very good year. We have two more big games coming out, LEGO Marvel coming out as well as the next installation of the Batman Arkham series coming out in October as well.

arkhamWe know there are at least three games in various stages of production right now. Arkham Origins comes out in a few months, WB is the company behind the LEGO Marvel game as odd as that sounds, and Rocksteady is working on a very secretive DC project. There’s a lot on the horizon for DC fans to be excited about, but there are even more properties that will get the video game treatment as WB capitalizes on different DC properties:

…but we are on track to having a great year in games and we feel very good about where that’s going. And as you said it’s being driven – the new franchises that we are going to be zoning are going to be DC franchises. We think there is big opportunities to build off of what we are doing throughout the rest of the company in games as well.

Now that sounds like brand new games and not just other Arkham and LEGO entries. While I do hope we get more of those types of games, it will be very exciting to see what other characters will get games of their own. The Rocksteady project was rumored to be an old school Batman game that brought in the Justice League to fight the Joker. While that was never confirmed, if it’s true then that indicates the company is looking to give other characters the spotlight besides Batman. What do you think about the comments? Are there any characters you would like to see get their own game?

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Source : Kotaku