It Looks Like THE WALKING DEAD Will Indeed Be Needing A Priest This Season


father gabrielLast month it was announced that another The Wire alum, Seth Gilliam, would be joining the cast of The Walking Dead for the upcoming fifth season. When the announcement was originally made Gilliam was said to be playing a character named Michael, a friendly guy with “a puckish demeanor who also has a haunted side.” Many believed that the listing was a dummy name and description. The popular theory was that the actor would be playing Father Gabriel Stokes. While that was just a theory, it turns out it was actually one of the few internet conspiracies that turn out to be true. A set photo of Mr. Gilliam (via ComicBook.Com and Twitter) has popped up and seemingly confirms everything.

Gilliam was spotted on set in a priest’s collar. Walking Dead readers will recognize the costume as that of Father Gabriel Stokes, the one and only African-American priest in Robert Kirkman and Charlie Adlard‘s series. While the show has liked to combine a few smaller characters and remix their storylines in the past, it seems like a safe bet Gilliam will be playing a version of the popular comic book character. Father Gabriel met up with Rick and his crew during events that have happened in the fourth season of the show. In the comics Father Gabriel lives alone, holed up in his church. Rick and company come across the preacher who is racked with guilt because he turned away members of his flock from seeking sanctuary within. He joins up with the survivors and goes on a journey of redemption of sorts. He hasn’t been seen lately in the comics, but Kirkman has teased a larger role on the horizon in a recent Letters Hack reply. I guess Gabriel coming to the show will make him popular in the comics again. What do you think?

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Source : via ComicBook and Twitter