Is This Our First Look At The Amazing Spider-Man 2’s Rhino?


rhinoWe’ve seen Spidey‘s new suit and plenty of pics of Jamie Foxx as both Electo and Max Dillon, but we haven’t seen hide nor hair of Paul Giamatti‘s Rhino lurking about. Today we may just have our first glimpse of Aleksei Sytsevich, better known as the man that eventually becomes the Rhino. Now obviously that isn’t Giamatti that you see in the pic above. It’s his stunt double in a very convincing Giamatti mask. He’s a Russian bad guy, so of course he gets gold chains, a track suit, and tattoos all over. I believe it’s a movie law when it comes to Russian baddies.

The stuntman was spotted during a big chase sequence being filmed the other day. Somebody uses a tow truck to steal and then drag an Oscorp truck. Of course the police give chase and the tow truck crashes through a couple of cars. The videos come from SevenWebHeads (via Bleeding Cool) who has a lot of set footage for the film. You can check out a screenshot of the possible Giamatti stuntman above and the videos below. What do you think? Will this Russian mobster be suiting up as Rhino before the credits role?

[jwplayer config=”cbt” mediaid=”143810″]


[jwplayer config=”cbt” mediaid=”143812″]


[jwplayer config=”cbt” mediaid=”143813″]

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Source : SevenWebHeads via Bleeding Cool