UPDATE: Is Sony Considering Selling The Movie Rights To Spider-Man Back To Marvel?


How can yoSpideyu do an Avengers movie without Spider-Man? That is the question that has been asked over and over again since Marvel announced the blockbuster superhero team-up film. It’s no surprise that Sony has and still owned the rights to Spider-Man. A fact that has driven some fanboys/girls crazy.

However a new report causes us to ask another question. For how long? Over at The Register they are reporting that Sony is looking at a proposal from activist investor Daniel Loeb, and his hedge fund company Third Point, that would sell off some of Sony’s movie properties. Yes, including Spider-Man. Also included in the proposal is selling off the Resident Evil franchise.

Sony Chief exec Kazuo Hirai, says the board is considering the proposal, which is a cost cutting measure so that more work and effort can go into their electronics division. “Third Point’s proposal involves the way we manage a core business of the Sony group and the direction of our management. So the Sony board will give it thorough consideration before replying to Mr Loeb,” explained Hirai.

While this is not set in stone, it looks some what promising for Marvel purest that dream of seeing Spidey on the big screen with The Avengers. For now though it looks as if we will have to sit and wait on Sony’s board of directors to make a decision. For the latest on all things Spider-Man, make sure to check back here at Comic Book Therapy.

UPDATE: After the initial post from The Register hit, more details regarding what is in the proposal have hit. Unfortunately it doesn’t look good for those wanting Spidey in the MCU either. The proposal that Loeb has brought to Sony wouldn’t be to sell of the franchises, but rather spin their entertainment branch into a separate entity that people can buy into. So the long and short of it is, don’t expect Peter Parker to be helping Tony Stark or any of The Avengers anytime soon.

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Source : The Reigster