Is Batman Going BEYOND In His Next Movie Outing?


1765327-4404_batman_beyondGenerally when a movie does well at the box office fans are clamoring to see when they will see a sequel. When Man Of Steel hit last month not only was there sequel questions, but people were asking about a new slate of DC movies. Everything from when will we see Wonder Woman to what will they do with Green Lantern (who had a movie back in 2011, but flopped).

Another big question has been what about Batman? Chris Nolan completed his Batman trilogy last July, and when he was announced as Man Of Steel’s producer a lot of people thought we might just see Christan Bale put on the cape and cowl one more time. Not so fast. Bale has recently stated in an interview that not only is he done playing Batman, but that he is looking forward to seeing what the new actor can bring to the character.

So what does this mean for the Caped Crusader? Well, we might be getting a different form of Batman. According to Jett over at Batman-On-Film he is hearing whispers that Warner Brothers might be considering doing a Batman Beyond film.

Batman Beyond was a cartoon that ran from 1999-2001. The show featured an aging Bruce Wayne passing down the mantel of Batman down to young Terry McGinnis. It has also spawned a comic book that even has it’s place now with DC doing their New 52.

Right now this should be classified as a rumor, as we do not have a solid ‘yes that’s what we are doing’. A lot of fans have been begging to see a Batman Beyond movie since the series wrapped up back in 2001. While we don’t know that is will for sure happen, right now it’s just nice to dream. For the latest on if WB’s plans for Batman, make sure to check back here at Comic Book Therapy.

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Source : Batman-On-Film