Iron Patriot Armor Spotted On Iron Man 3 Set

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No sooner had we gotten the news that Ben Kingsley would indeed be The Mandarin in Iron Man 3, another bombshell hit. The Iron Patriot Armor will be featured in Iron Man 3.

Superherohype said they had confirmed that it would be in the film, but they didn’t know who would be wearing it. In the comics Norman Osborne is the Iron Patriot in the Dark Avengers storyline following the Secret Invasion story. Because everything Spider-Man is owned by Sony, it’s very safe to say Norman won’t be wearing the armor. If that wasn’t enough, The Superficial got their hands on some set photos that completely confirm the Iron Patriot’s presence. It’s being said that James Badge Dale, who signed up to play Coldblood, is the one in the suit. The photo of the military around the suit seems to confirm that suspicion and would tie in to the secret program idea. We may have a case of the government partnering up with one of Tony’s rival who they don’t know is really a baddie. Regardless of how it plays out, the suit is definitely in. We might have something as simple as Tony’s parade armor or a Captain America inspired piece, who knows?

How the suit will be used and confirmation on who will wear it are still to come. Iron Man 3 seems to be leaking information more than most Marvel movies are used to doing. I’m sure more will come, and we’ll be bringing you all the big developments right here on CBT.


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Source : The Superficial