IRON MAN Without Robert Downey Jr? Samuel L. Jackson Says It Might Work

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IronMan2-051410-0012After Robert Downey Jr.’s Marvel contract ran out at the conclusion of Iron Man 3, a lot of people were skeptical of whether or not he would continue on in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. But then it happened, he signed a new contract. The only draw back was that he signed up for only two more Avengers movies with no mention of any more solo movies.

But what will happen with the character once Downey has decided he has had enough? No one knows, but it’s been strongly hinted at that they would just recast the role in a similar fashion that they do with James Bond. Some fans are on board with the idea, but others have taken a staunch RDJ or nothing stance.

Downey’s Avengers costar Samuel L. Jackson, who plays Nick Fury, is of the opinion recasting when Downy is done is an option. While talking with Yahoo Jackson said, “Robert’s a great guy. We love having him around. He’s an integral character in those stories.  [It] wouldn’t have been the same without him. But you know Marvel is Marvel, things happen. And audiences are fickle too. At some point, if Robert decides he’s not going to do it, and they put somebody else inside that Iron suit… you know, it might work.”

While fans are still divided on the subject of Downey being recast, one this is for sure. The Marvel machine is going to keep going for some time. Also, fear not fans because as Jackson pointed out, “They changed War Machine, nobody noticed. So we will put this in the wait and see category once again. As soon as something breaks on it, make sure to check back here at Comic Book Therapy.


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Source : Yahoo